Heyyyy, guys! Here’s little old me, posting my shiny new column!  I’ll be doing a weekly roundup of all kinds of news,  products, videos, etc., to get your geeky spidey senses tingling. I’ll be posting  (fingers crossed) every Friday, as a roundup for the week, with about 10-15 different exciting things for you to read,  watch,  and/or look at; aka a treasure box of trinkets to browse from.  I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited about this. Now, let’s browse through the  loot I found on this magical place called the interwebz.


NASA offers to send your name to the Bennu asteroid via Geek

Since I don’t have a star named after me, this will have to do. (But it’s still pretty sweet).  I just hope aliens don’t come after me, if they do exist.

How Marvel Can Battle Batman/Superman via MTV

An interesting article talking about the delay of the Batman/Superman movie, and how it affects the Marvel/DC power struggle.

Tony Fleecs – Super Heroines as  Adult Book Covers via Geek Art 9 batgirl Can I have these on my walls? Please? Especially the Harley Quinn and Batgirl ones.

Sundance 2014: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About George Takei via Flavorwire

I love George Takei, and I can’t wait to watch this film. His Facebook posts are also always on point.

Girl Receives Sweet Visit from Sailor Moon Cosplayers via Anime News Network

This made me tear up. Shows how much good us geeks can do in the world.


Geek Girls Gab with Synapse to Synapse via The Nerdy Girlie

One of my favorite bloggers interviewing one of my favorite Etsy shop owners? Yes, this is great.


Stormtrooper Secrets: Hip Hop Twerk via Scott DW

You know you want to watch stormtroopers twerking. Don’t deny it. The song is also very catchy. (No I haven’t watched this at least once a day I’M PERFECTLY FINE).

Hannibal Season 2 Full Creepy Trailer via Entertainment Weekly 9 hannibal

Oh, hey, the Hannibal Season 2 trailer came out. And Tumblr was successfully flooded with fans freaking out. Here’s some pretty fan art by paulispencer to celebrate. I can’t wait to watch this season! (My best friend Lily finally got me to watch it. And I’m obsessed.)

Walking Dead Fan Pulls Prank on Actor Norman Reedus via The Mary Sue

This is hilarious; especially when they slow down Norman’s reaction.


I Want to Believe Womens T-Shirt via Keke603

I need this, especially with the lack of decent X-Files clothes. Or of any at all.

Bioshock Inspired Poster via Geeky Prints & More  9 bioshock


Which Star Wars Character Are You? quiz via Zimbio

Are you Darth Vader? Han? Luke? Chewie? Take this quiz to find out(I got Princess Leia). 🙂

Fantasy Sci-Fi Character Art zhongfenghua via Geek Tyrant

This is gorgeous. Now I want a story behind the art. Lady warrior defending her home planet? Assassin on a mission?

Little Legolas & Gimli via Jon Lock9 legolas

D’awwwwwww. *dies from cuteness*

That’s all for this week, stay tuned for more nice bits of treasure! If you find anything you think I must include in my weekly roundup, just post it in the comments or message me on twitter @love_lizadactyl so I can consider including it. 🙂

Hugs & Best Wishes, Elizabeth