Sorry for this post being late- I’ve been very busy this weekend, with all the snow we got(yay!) and Valentine’s Day. Speaking of, I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, whether or not you had a special someone. As a final farewell, I rounded up some of the cutest valentines I found on Tumbr, amongst various other places. Enjoy your weekly dose of geek culture! 🙂


Walking Dead’s Michonne talks the Governor, her katana, Dead’s return via Blastr

12 michonne

The Walking Dead came back on last Sunday (woo, another episode tonight, with more of the gang!), and Danai Gurira, the actress who plays Michonne, did a fairly in depth interview with Blastr.  So, fellow TWD fans: what did you think of the mid-season premiere? Yay, or nay? Comment below!

Are you Superman or Voldemort? Avatars may affect the real you via CNET

I’m sure you’ve always wondered what it means when you choose whether or not to be a wood elf or an orc in video games, and this article delves into the science behind why a person chooses the avatar they do.

Middle-Earth Would Look Beautiful From Space via Nerd Approved

12 middle earth

If only Middle Earth were a real planet. *sighs* This is a super cool project- I wonder if they’ll develop anymore fictional lands into models?

Here’s a map that shows the location of every Disney & Pixar movie via Gizmodo

12 disney map

Maps seemed to be a popular theme this week. This time, the map is of where all of the Disney movie settings. Interesting to see, put all together.

The Surprising Science of Dinosaur Pee via Phenomena- National Geographic

I love anything and everything to do with dinosaurs- whether it’s the fictional ones of Jurassic Park, the cute ones of illustrations, or the real life ones, extinct centuries ago. Speaking of- makes you think of the Jurassic Park triceratops poop scene? Same here.

Mako Mori & Other Ladies Who Know How to Wield Swords via The Mary Sue

12 mako

These are so very, very pretty. I would love to own the Mako print.

Now You Can Cook Up Some Adventure Time With “Eating Ooo” via That’s Nerdalicious

I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a cook book more. Jake’s Bacon Pancakes? Tree Trunks’ Mile High Apple Pie? Yes please.

‘Star Wars’ inspires Rodarte’s latest runway fashions via CNET

12 star wars

Who would have expected this? Not I. But can I have one of these gowns to wear to prom? Please?

Ten Geek Friendly Flicks for Valentine’s Day via Geek magazine

Remember to add these to your list next year. All excellent picks to cuddle up to and watch with your date- whether it’s a significant other or a bag of popcorn and Valentine’s candy.

Blog Posts:

Comic Book Wednesday: Review of Ms. Marvel #1 via Comics and Cookies

12 ms marvel

I can’t wait to get my hands on this comic! Here’s a good review of the first volume.


Happy Birthday, Tom! via The Mary Sue

It was Tom Hiddleston’s birthday last Sunday- and The Mary Sue knew exactly the way to celebrate.

Galentine’s Day 2014 via Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

12 galentine's day

Whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day, you should definitely celebrate Galentine’s Day- it’s a day of celebrating your lady friends! And what is IGGPPC about, if not celebrating lady friends, near and far?

AT-ATs versus the Olympics via Boing Boing

Some ….unusual visitors decided to stop by Sochi, and hilarity ensued.


Geek Girl Hand Stamped Bracelet via One Eyed Fox

12 geek girl

Simple, neat, and elegant- I think every IGGPPC member should own one of these.

28 Wardrobe Essentials For Female Gamers via Buzzfeed

Well, there goes my money. I especially love the 8 bit Heart headband and Mario leggings.

Sock It To Me

12 socks

I loooove socks- they’re cozy warmth keeps my feet warm, and they have the cutest designs-especially Sock It To  Me. With bunches of different designs that  tend to the geeky heart, (unicorns! dragons! space ships!), you’ll definitely want to check them out. And look, they even have socks with little letters!

On Tumblr….Valentine’s Edition:

12 dc valentines


DC Valentines via Head Over Heels (art by Jenny of Never Ending Dick Jokes)



12 hobbit valentine

The Hobbit valentine via Chanel Nelson (art by Alicia-B)

12 jurassic park valentine

Jurassic Park valentine via RoseMaiden’s Musings

12 pacific rim valentine

Pacific Rim valentine via Archie McPhee (art by Benjamin Dewey)

That’s it for this week- come back next weekend for a roundup of sheer epicness!

Hugs & Best Wishes,