Ready for your next dose of weekly news around the geekosphere? Well, put on your cutest nerd inspired outfit (comics, Adventure Time, or Star Wars, anyone?), and let’s get to it!


With the fourth season of Game of Thrones getting closer and closer, there’s been a lot of news surrounding it. So, I figured I would round up a bit of it in this weekly post.

Gorgeous Game of Thrones Group Cosplay via Fashionably Geek

13 got cosplay

They look almost like the actual characters! Such impeccable detail.

White Walker Invasion? via io9

Well,  I certainly hope these beasties aren’t coming anywhere near Earth. Stay behind the Wall!!

Disney Princesses As Game of Thrones Characters via Buzzfeed

13 got disney

Fandom mashups are always nice to see, and this one is particularly pretty. They also matched up the personalities quite well.

Game of Thrones Season 4: A spoiler-free guide to the game’s new players via Hypable

Lastly, for all those, like me, who haven’t read the books(I’m doing it soon!!), here’s a guide to the newcomers we can expect to see in season four.

Looks Like Funko is Unveiling Firefly POP! Figures at Toy Fair! via Nerd Approved

13 firefly

Ooh, yes, very much like this. I’ll take Kaylee and Wash, thanks.

Kevin Smith Says Wonder Woman Movie Could Make a Fortune via

Maybe one of the comic world’s most influential people showing their support will have an influence on a superheroine movie being made? We can hope.

Marvel Circling Black Widow Film via The Mary Sue

13 black widow

Luckily, though Marvel is going to provide us with something all geek girls have desperately wanted(hopefully). The company is in talks about  developing a movie based solely on Black Widow and her story. Yay!

17 Books to Read Before the Movie Hits Theatres This Year via HelloGiggles

Love movies? Need something to read? Here you go.  This is also a comprehensive list of all the book to movie adaptions this year. I’m excited for Wild, Serena, Divergent, and The Fault in Our Stars.

The WWII Plane That Inspired the Millennium Falcon via Blastr

13 star  wars

Just a peek into how history can influence, well, just about everything. Even your favorite epic space opera series.

Deep Down and the Importance of Playable Female Characters via Paper Droids

An extremely important article on how sexism is still a major part of the gaming industry. In the 21st century. *eye roll* Seriously, get your shit together. There are too few video games with the main character being female, and it needs to change.

Catbus And More Absolutely Awesome 3D Latte Art via That’s Nerdalicious

13 no face

Adorable coffee art is adorable. But we already knew that. Enjoy some Studio Ghibli influenced foam art.

Runaway Pulsar Has Produced the Longest Jet Trail Ever Detected via io9

Oooh, shiny. Some interesting happenings in space….of course, space is always interesting, right?

Blog Posts:

Girls Fighting Evil

If you’re  like me, you’re always on the hunt for a new blog to read- preferably with a mix of style, fandom, and girl power. Well, this blog is that perfect mix. It showcases just what the title of the blog is- girls fighting evil. It’s run by two lovely ladies, Laura and Casie, and they interview and talk about lots of cool women, such as Angelina from Albinwonderland, Natasha Allegri, and  Malala Yousafzai. Not to mention the cute outfits! Go check them out.


Guardians of the Galaxy trailer

This premiered Wednesday- thoughts? I’m definitely going to see it, but it looks like it will either be a hit or miss. We’ll see. I do like the idea of a talking raccoon.

Kraft and Vanilla Ice Bring “Go Ninja Go” Back for TMNT Mac & Cheese via That’s Nerdalicious (image via What Culture)

13 vanilla ice

Yeah, I’m definitely going to have to have some TMNT mac & cheese. Also, blast from the past? Awesome. (I’m totally listening to Ice Ice Baby now).

50 Facts About the 50 State Capitals via Mental Floss

Let John Green teach you a bit more about the great ole US of A.


Adventure Time Gang Group Print via theALCOLYTE

13 adventure time art

Ahhhhh I must own it. MUST.

Sailor Moon Luna Cat Necklace via Ge3kedUp

13 sailor moon

My mission? To have as many cute things in my closet as possible. This necklace fulfills that.

Raining Puppycats Pullover Sweater via We Love Fine

13 bee and puppycat

Why is We Love Fine’s stuff so cute? Urgh. (I can’t wait for the next episodes of this show, by the way).

On Tumblr:

For Old Time’s Snake via #PutASnakeOnIt

13 comic

This comic received some attention this week on Tumblr, and I’m hoping this might prompt the artist to continue it! Extremely interesting story and pretty art- I’m invested.

Marguerite Bennet Talks About Lois Lane via DC Women Kicking Ass

Lois Lane is getting a one shot, which is pretty exciting! The comic comes out this week, and looks like it will have a good plot. Here, the author, Marguerite  Bennet, is interviewed.

Things to do… via FABULOUS KINGDOM

13 cute

Awww, this is adorable. <3

That’s it for this week, lovelies, stay tuned!

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