Hello, Iggles! It’s been a long time since I’ve made a Treasure Box post, so I figured I would let everyone in on what’s happening in the wonderfully geeky online world. This post is also just in time for all the frightful weather the US has been having, so I suggest grabbing your laptop, a cup of tea or hot cocoa, and curling up with all the news.  And if it’s not cold where you are- be grateful! 😉 Scroll down for all the latest on where the Sailor Moon remake is headed next, the candidates for the first people on Mars, and some geeky music covers you MUST hear.


30 harley and poison

So, since part of this post included February 14, I had to include a lil something Valentine’s Day inspired, and this cosplay is definitely that. How adorable are Harley and Poison Ivy as each others Valentine’s? (Photos by Valko Photography, Models Erin Lei & Ezmerelda Von Katz)

The Sailor Moon remake was THE thing last summer, and while I haven’t watched it (yet), the reboot of the franchise is moving right along, with some voice actors cast for the new dub of Sailor Moon R. What do you think of the recent revival of all things Sailor Moon?

30 oriental reading room library

The Oriental Institute Research Archives and Elizabeth Morse Genius Reading Room. (Photo by Foy Scalf / Flickr)

Two things that are infinitely awesome: secrets and libraries. Combined? Even more awesome. If you live in or are traveling in the Chicago area and you’re a bibliophile, check these unusual libraries out!

Every Marvel geek is poised on the edge of their seat waiting for May 1st to roll around, and this interview gives you a bit of insight before the premiere. There are plenty of insights on the new movie, with trademark Downey style.

30 space station crew

It’s always nice to know that our astronauts still have a sense of humor. This shot includes astronauts from the U.S., Russia, and Japan, and was taken for the International Space Station’s 45th expedition.  Let’s hope the force will be with them.

Dungeons & Dragons users who also love video games, rejoice. There’s going to be a new D&D based video game coming out this year, called Sword Coast Legends. Watch a teaser in the link.

30 jake boots

These boots will be sure to take you on adventures to very distant lands, with the best companions in tow. Mathematical!

These are all wonderful movies that help us unleash our inner geeks. Mine as a kid were (and still are some of my favorites) Star Wars, The Goonies, LOTR, The Neverending Story, and Spirited Away/Kiki’s Delivery Service. What are some of the geek classics that you loved?

30 miyazaki theme park

If this doesn’t become a thing within my lifetime, I’ll be very upset. Can you imagine how much fun this would be? Click the link for better pictures.

I actually heard about this a few months ago because a friend sent him an email about it, but the news is just now getting out there. I can’t wait to watch this! Fandom culture is extremely fascinating, and I feel Felton will do a good job of covering the HP fandom.

30 volcanoes

Image: Jesse Allen, using Landsat data from the U.S. Geological Survey

Volcanoes always fascinated me as a child, and this image is pretty rad. I wonder if they’ll erupt?

Need some new tunes to liven up your playlists or iPod? Check out some rad covers for some of your favorite shows. (The Twin Peaks and Game of Thrones covers are especially great).

30 captain marvel

(image from Marvel)

A new series, this will be focusing on what certain ladies houses/apartments would look like. First up is Carol Danvers, with plenty of open windows and spaciousness in her house. I can’t wait to see who else is covered in this series.

*dramatic music* Glance upon these people’s faces: they are only hope. Not really, but it’s cool to see some of the potential faces who will be on the first Mars expedition! *crosses fingers for a mostly lady lead trip*

Are all my dreams coming true? First Jurassic Park, now (POSSIBLY), Indiana Jones. Rebooting my favorite childhood movies with Chris Pratt is something I can’t get enough of. Now let’s pray this will happen, because I think Pratt is a great choice. I wonder what Harrison Ford would think?

Blog Post

30 funko

(via OriginalFunko)

This past weekend, the New York Toy Fair happened, and there were PLENTY of new toys for geeky girls and boys to add to their wishlist. Mandy covers some of the new releases Funko is coming out with in her blog post. The biggest news is that Harry Potter is finally getting Funko! Pop figurines, and they’re already on pre-order, so buy them quick! I’m eyeing Hermione for myself…


Ever wondered how exactly Daenerys’ dragons are animated? Here’s your chance to find out- and it’s pretty fascinating.

I have high hopes for this new movie (Chris Pratt & raptors, I’m impressed so far), and we’ll see if they’re met. Meanwhile, watch this parody of the trailer for some laughs.

Um, can this guy make me some dolls? And possibly be my second dad?


30 ravenclaw jewelry box

Need a cute place to keep your jewelry that shows off your true tastes? There are plenty of options in this shop! Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, Sherlock Holmes, Adventure Time- there’s a jewelry box for every interest.

30 wonder woman

Show your true Amazonian powers while cooking or baking up a storm. Pricey, but well worth the compliments- and looking amazing in the kitchen.

30 DW necklace

I might have featured The Gorgonist before on this column, but they make such cute stuff! Art prints, magnets, necklaces- all with tons of different fandoms illustrated adorably. I just saw this necklace the last time I was browsing the shop- perfect for any cosplayers who love DW!

Meanwhile, On Tumblr…

30 mulan

When I first saw this, I thought it was a screenshot. So beautiful.

Me too, Tatiana. Me too.

30 amy

Just another reason to love her. We don’t like the paparazzi either, Amy.

Hidden Gem

30 doubleclicks

I’m sure a good bit of you guys have heard of this awesome band- they’re the ladies behind the “Nothing to Prove” video, and they’ve got so much more awesome music to offer. I mean, one of their songs is titled “Cats & Netflix”. If that doesn’t describe half of the IGGPPC members, I don’t know what would. Angela and Aubrey Webber are two sisters from Portland who are all about the geeky life, and singing about it, too. If you haven’t checked out any of their music, go now! It’s on Spotify and Youtube – I especially love their newest album, Dimetrodon. Because, dinosaurs. And burritos. And Netflix. Here’s links to “Cats and Netflix” and “Wonder“. They’re adorable, and fierce, and fantastic geek ladies. Check them out.

That’s it for this past week’s edition of The Treasure Box. I’ll see you guys next time- stay warm and safe, my friends!