February started off with a bang, at least in the geeky world, with the whole world of Harry Potter being questioned(Tumblr had it’s torches and pitchforks out),  Flappy Bird, and The  Walking Dead coming back on Sunday( I’ve been waiting).


Game of Thrones Martin Meets Author Of The Last Unicorn via The Mary Sue

11 got and unicorn

Awwww.  How adorable is this? Two fantastic and influential men in the way the fantasy genre has been shaped. The Last Unicorn was a childhood favorite. (And the stuffed animals!!)

Benedict Cumberbatch talks Sherlock Season 3, 4, Trading Character Notes with Robert Downey Jr., and more via Collider

I still have yet to watch Sherlock (I know, I know, please don’t kill me). But I know there’s a huge fanbase for it on IGGPPC, so I figured I would share this interview with good ol’ Cumberbatch himself.

Patrick Stewart &  Ian McKellan Are Totally Ready for the Super Bowl via Nerd Approved

11 patrick and ian

In this image, these two British men showed up the whole States in their enthusiasm for some football. And they did it adorably.

Felicia Day’s haircut just became headline news, thanks to sexism via The Daily Dot

This is utterly repulsive, but an important issue that needs to brought into the light more often. Pretty laughable that the meme of the before and after pictures of Day wasn’t even her in both pictures. Ugh. Idiocy.

Disney Themed Cocktails Are Magically Boozy via That’s Nerdalicious!

11 jasmine alcohol

And on a lighter note, Disney and alcohol? If I were of legal drinking age, I would have already tried all of these.

The Guy Who Created Flappy Bird Tweeted That He’s Taking the Game Down via Buzzfeed

This game has completely taken over my school and social media dashboards. After reading this, it makes me glad I never got the app. I sense a mass withdrawal.

J.K. Rowling says Harry should have ended up with Hermione via Slate

11 ron and hermione

photo via The Lord of the Hallows blog  (how can you deny their cuteness, Rowling?! HOW?)

Lalalalala I REF– USE TO LISTEN TO YOU, J.K. Hello, Ron and Hermione  are one of my OTPs. I refuse to accept this. And the article’s author makes a good point: Harry and Hermione are both much too headstrong to work well together.

Blog Posts:

Black Milk on a Budget via A Geek And Her Oven

I love leggings, and Black Milk’s are adorable. But I agree with Gwen; wayyyy too pricey. Luckily, we have her to show us basically the same examples, for a nicer amount.


What the Northern Lights Really Look Like via Mental Floss

Visually stunning. I hope I can see this someday.

Favourite Villains(in Books) via The Readables

11 priscilla the readable

picture via The Readables website

I adore Priscilla; she does very thorough book  reviews, has an amazing sense of style, and loves a lot of the things I do. Which all adds up to one of my favorite YouTubers. I also agree with her Top 5 Villains.

Adventure Time “What does the fox say?” Parody via cho0segoose

If you haven’t seen this yet, please watch it. To me it’s better than the original.


Galaxy Stars Planets Raglan Sweatshirt via Em & Sprout 

11 outer space sweater

I saw this and squealed a bit in my head. It’s super cute, looks super comfy, and has the solar system on it. What’s not to love?


I love baking, especially cookies, so I had to share these cookie cutters with you. I first found this shop on Etsy, but Athey(the shopowner) has since gotten her own website. I want all of them! She makes dozens of designs, some including Doctor Who, Studio Ghibli, Sailor Moon, Mario, Adventure Time, and so many more. Here are two of my favorite designs.

11 ravenclaw cookie cutter

HP Ravenclaw House Crest Cookie Cutter 

11 luna cookie cutter


Sailor Moon Luna Cat Cookie Cutter

Firefly Inevitable Betrayal Dinosaurs with Sound via ThinkGeek

11 firefly dinos

I need to have these. Immediately.  For many reasons. One being an awesome rendition of the dinosaur scene in Firefly….(cries and shakes fist angrily at whoever wrote Serenity)

On Tumblr…:

Mulder & Scully via Clean Filth

Such cuties. <3

LOTR Tarot Card Art via Quirkiness Required

11 tumblr lotr tarot

TV Shows via Pizza Queen

My life, summed up in a short text post.

Heart GIF via cartoon princess

TV Show of the Week:

New Girl

11 new girl

Image via Pinterest

I’ve been catching up on the second season this week, and my goodness do I love this show! The comedy always makes me laugh, Jess truly is a relatable character, and the lessons in some episodes are extremely important. And Schmidt. Bless Schmidt.

Have a lovely rest of the weekend, and let me know what you think about this week’s news!

Hugs & Best Wishes,