Hello everyone, and happy holidays! I’m here to share with you one last geeky news post before you get too engrossed in everything Christmas and holidays(which is perfectly fine because I already am). In this past week’s post, there’s tons of goodies: Rainbow Rowell’s new book announcement(if you’re a fan fiction lover and haven’t read Fangirl, get on it, STAT), J.K. Rowling’s new HP stories, tons of info about the BotFA(I definitely cried when I saw it. 4 times.), the 25 best movies of 2014, and a holiday cupcake recipe for you last minute bakers(coughs). I’ll also be introducing a new section, called ‘Hidden Gem’- I’ll show you something(whether book, movie, TV show, cool article, etc.) that’s caught my attention recently, and may be a bit hush hush. Dig in!


26 lumberjanes

So, I know that a ton of iggles are huge fans of Lumberjanes(as am I!). Originally an eight-issue miniseries, it’s been extended to an ongoing comic because it is all kinds of awesome. Here’s an exclusive peek at the next issue(now available), and the new adventure the campers will be getting into.

While I haven’t read her books for adults, I adored Fangirl and Eleanor & Park. Lucky for me and other fans, Rowell is releasing a new book about Simon Snow, the fictional character based off of Harry Potter that Fangirl’s main character, Cath, was obsessed with. I can’t wait to get my hands on this!

26 squirrel girl

Squirrel Girl is one of the wackier super heroines of our day, and here Galacticat is dressed up in her best holiday rendition of her costume. Super cute!

That version of Rasputin in Anastasia always did scare me as a child. And we won’t even get started on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

26 rey star wars

So, I’m both super excited and nervous about the new SW film. However, so far, I’m impressed: the trailer was interesting enough to keep me hooked, but short enough for me to want more. Thoughts? Here are some of the names of new characters, revealed through trading cards. This is a super cool nod to all the SW merch that came out back in the original movie days- I’m digging it.

Sad times for one of my favorite BFF duos. Hopefully they’ll move their hilarious hosting skills to another awards show.

26 wanderers

Computer animator Erik Wernquist has made a short film envisioning what it will be like once space travel is common. Click through the slides to see breathtaking stills from the movie.

Want to look back on 2014? There’s nowhere better than Google’s compilation- after all, we all use it.

26 hp christmas

I think we can all agree Hogwarts would be an amazing place to spend Christmas at- and so would the other 4 places on this list.

Speaking of HP, Rowling has finally given us fans what we’ve desperately wanted: more stories. Head over to Pottermore to read most of them.

26 brian yen

(photo via Brian Yen)

Nat Geo is one of our most important magazines of today, and their photos are always breathtaking, whether of places, people, or animals. Go to their website to see all the winners & runner ups.

Here’s your chance to catch up on all those hidden gems you missed during 2014. Some of these have been on my to watch list for awhile.

26 spy

I think we’ve found our real life Agent Peggy Carter. What an inspiring and courageous woman.

26 hello kitty keyboard

And I thought my galaxy themed keyboard was cute. I can’t wait for Hello Kitty emoji!!

The holiday season, from the space perspective.

26 bb-8

A perfect edition to any Star Wars geek’s tree. I approve of the glitter.

While not a news story, this new website is brilliant. It tells the stories of women in archaeology, paleontology, and geology. Read up on some awesome lady scientists, present and past.

Blog Posts

26 gingerbread cupcakes

In need of a holiday cupcake recipe? Guests love gingerbread? Look no further. This one looks delicious, with a fluffy vanilla bean frosting. While not a super simple recipe, it isn’t too complex. If you want more recipes that are a bit less conventional, check out the rest of The Domestic Rebel’s recipes.

So, The Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies, and I do my fair share of swooning over Westley. Cary Elwes, the actor who played Westley, has just recently released a book about everything Princess Bride related, titled As You Wish(November 2014 IGGPPC book club selection!). Here’s a short interview with the actor to tide you over until you read it.

Videos(A Little Bit Hobbit Themed with the New Movie)

Ahhhh. Only in 2014 would evolution, emoji & Bill Nye be combined.

With the Colbert Report ending last week, the show had to go out with a bang….and a spark, maybe? Colbert, a huge Tolkien fan, interviewed Smaug and it was quite delightful.

SNL also capitalized on the new Hobbit movie, releasing this video on last weekend’s episode. This video had me laughing out loud at several times, and I’m sure fans of the Office will find it even funnier.

I love Ian McKellan and Sesame Street, so this video is too cute. The guest actors always make the show, and this was by far one of their best.


26 women in science

Women in science are not often celebrated in art, but Ignotofsky has changed that.These four prints celebrate Rosalind Franklin, Jane Goodall, Valentina Tereshkova, and Marie Curie- some of the brightest minds of the 20th century.

26 crazy dragon lady

We’ve all heard of crazy cat ladies(in fact, some of us are probably crazy cat ladies). But I think Daenerys gets the title of first crazy dragon lady. A cute spin off of the

26 tarzan and jane

Cute, Disney, and inexpensive? Yes, please. You can’t find much Tarzan merchandise, and this is adorable. The shop owner also does tons of other character necklaces like this- Howl’s Moving Castle, The Princess Bride, The Lion King, and Star Wars are a few.

Meanwhile, On Tumblr…

26 hannibal

Mads Mikkelsen is so proud to have mini versions of himself-or should I say, Hannibal.

Watch this for a hearty laugh. Ahh, Harrison Ford.

26 new beginnings

Awwww all the feels. Mako & Raleigh are too cute- and this is a great playlist.

Hidden Gem

The 100

26 the 100

You know when you see a show and are like, “This looks good, but not that good, and I have so many TV shows to watch anyways?” This one was like that for me. A CW show, I figured it would go the way that most of those have-an okay pilot, lackluster follow up episodes, and a cancellation after the first season. But The 100 delivers. So, what’s it about? 97 years after nuclear war has destroyed the planet, 100 teenagers are sent back to Earth. Everyone who has survived the disaster has been living on the Ark, a spaceship in Earth’s atmosphere which fits about 2,400 people. If a crime is committed, you’re ‘floated’- shot out the airways. However, people under 18 are locked up-and now 100 of them are on Earth. As you can imagine, all hell breaks loose, alliances are made, and dangers are faced.

It took awhile for the show to grow on me- the first few episodes dragged a bit. But then I was hooked, and finished the show in about four days. This has some of the best character development I’ve ever seen, and this take on the apocalypse is very compelling to watch. You’ll be taking sides and rooting for characters in no time. And, since this is a CW show, all the actors are beautiful- and pretty good in their roles. I highly recommend this show if you’re partial to anything sci-fi/apocalypse related, and like characters that feel real and face tough issues. The second season is on break currently, but all of the first season is on Netflix. Go check it out.


That’s it for last week’s news, and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa, or whatever else you celebrate! 🙂 See you next time,