Hello, hello, Iggles! I’m back with this week’s Treasure Box, and I’m sure you’ll find all kinds of neat things- from a new Jurassic Park trailer, to a Hello Kitty themed restaurant in Hong Kong and a primer for Orphan Black newbies, there’s tons of stuff to check out! This Treasure Box will also include tons of animation news and bits, since that’s the theme for the month. Dive in and get your nerdy news fix!


33 star wars fashion

Ashley Eckstein voiced Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars: Clone Wars and also is the founder of Her Universe, one of the best places for geeky ladies to find amazing clothes. Here she picks some of her favorite outfits from the franchise.

Pixar has enchanted us all since with it’s enchanting animated films. Here’s some cool facts you never knew about the company.

33 girls and guys

This is a stunning tribute to Miyazaki’s films. I haven’t watched it yet, but my interest is piqued! Entitled “Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux,” or, “Girls and Guys from Summits and Skies,” it has a story and animation style reminiscent of the famous director’s. Here’s the link to the short film!

Yay, new Spider-Man! It would be great if this movie were about one of the other Spider-Mans after this casting disappointment, not just Peter Parker like always. Personally, I vote Miles Morales.

33 dc girls

Fingers crossed this turns out as well as it sounds! Positive representation of girls and women in geek culture is a big issue currently, and this show, if done correctly, could really help out.

33 hello kitty restaurant

Delicious food that’s cute too? Yes please! Who wouldn’t want Hello Kitty dumplings?

33 mass effect

TooBadforBones looks amazing in her cosplay. Imagine the work put into making this costume!

Yes, I cried too. This article is so sweet, and really touches on what makes what us geeks love so special: connections to others. (I also teared up at this article a bit too, but NBD).

33 chris and raptors

Another childhood favorite for many of us, coming back to the big screen. With every trailer or poster, my excitement grows!

Wanted to watch the show, but haven’t gotten to it? Here’s all the details you need to start the show with season 3!

33 galaxy

Here again, to deliver you gorgeous shots of space. Pretty, pretty.

This sounds amazing, and what an important event in con history. There’s an interview with one of the organizers in the link.

33 scientists are the best

Those scientists. Always doing the cool things. I want to hold a hawk like Janet Ng!

Here are some of the best new anime shows to watch this spring.

33 clark gregg

Yes, Gregg’s new Twitter avatar is Tina Belcher. Just another reason to love the guy. Here’s the image above in all its glory.

Some of these I would have never known! Die Hard? Pirates of the Caribbean? Huh!

33 japanese candy

History lesson and delicious sweets? This is one of the more interesting stories I read this week, and I can’t believe this tradition began with ninjas.

Oh, be still my heart. The cast for the live action Beauty and the Beast has come together beautifully- Emma Watson, Ian McKellan, Luke Evans, Gugu Mbatha-Raw. I can’t wait to see one of my favorite animated films come to life!

Some of the discoveries in ancient history lately have been mind blowing. Here’s one of the more recent discoveries!

33 samantha

Italain astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti is a bad ass. Not only the first Italian woman in space, she’s fluent in 5 languages and has studied all over the world. What an inspiration, especially for ladies and girls in STEM programs!

Some really great nominees this year (Hawkeye, Saga, Ms. Marvel, Lumberjanes, Nimona)! Which do you think will win?

So, basically every detail of GoT has been analyzed. Bet you haven’t seen a guide to the predators, though. Did you know that there were actual direwolves during the Pleistocene Period in North & South America, that may be the inspiration for those on the show?

33 nerdache

Not really news, but you should go and back Nerdache Cakes! Ant Roman, the baker, makes some of the cutest geek inspired cakes I’ve ever seen, and you get yummy prizes for donating! Here’s a picture of Ant with some of her cute & delicious goods.

Blog Post

Never checked out any of the classic dystopian books? Want to try one? Let these book blogging ladies suggest one to you!


33 han and chewie

Of course I had to include this. The Internet collectively freaked out together over the trailer- especially the ending. *sniffles* What did everyone think?

Book tags are so much fun, and this one inspired by Star Wars characters is too cute.

The Avengers cast together are hilarious, so get ready for lots of laughs as they play a round of Family Feud.


33 cookie cutter

Want to make some cute video game inspired cookies? Here’s your chance, with this adorable cookie cutter.

33 steven universe

Any Steven Universe fans? I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet, but it’s popularity has exploded lately. Here’s a cute necklace that’s simple enough to just be pretty with an everyday outfit while you’ll still realize exactly what you’re wearing.

33 pinkie pie

Here’s another cute and simple jewelry piece you can wear to show your MLP love.

Meanwhile, On Tumblr….

33 show me

This cute art piece by Emily Fitzpatrick is an ode to all the best video games.

Some of the best characters from Disney’s animated films.

33 hobbit

Um. Can this be the cover on a new edition? Please?

Hidden Gem

33 starting point

So, I’m sure most of you either adore Studio Ghibli (like me!) or have at least heard of the famous animation company led by Hayao Miyazaki. But did you know that he has two memoirs? Me either, until I found them on Amazon a few months ago. I knew as soon as I saw them, I had to get my hands on them! I mean, Miyazaki is one of the most brilliant minds in today’s animation world, giving us films like Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Ponyo, and this is a chance to get into his mind. As Amazon describes, “Starting Point is a collection of essays, interviews, and memoirs that go back to the roots of Miyazaki’s childhood, the formulation of his theories of animation, and the founding of Studio Ghibli.” What Ghibli fan wouldn’t want to read that? So, I bought it and it’s just as impressive in real life- there’s even an exclusive little cartoon he did for a magazine. The second volume chronicles the years where his career really started to pick up, such as with Spirited Away winning an Academy Award. Pick these up if you love all things Ghibli, and also make sure to check out The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness (here’s a trailer), a documentary released last year that follows Miyazaki and his fellow colleagues, Isao Takahata and Toshio Suzuki, at Ghibli for a year. It’s available on Netflix!

That’s it for last week’s news! I hope that everyone’s April wraps up nicely, and that the beginning of May treats you well! Keep watching the blog for more Treasure Box news, and I’ll see you then. Thanks for reading!

Hugs & best wishes,