So,  I’ve  been  a  bad  blogger,  and haven’t posted  in almost a  month. In my defense, though,  I’ve  been super busy – last week  was  my school’s spring break and I went to Disney  World with my  chorus (I got to meet Mulan!),  lots of plans, etc.,  etc.  Also my keyboard  has been messing up,  so I can’t type very well at all. Excuses,  excuses,  I know,  but I should be back in action permanently now. So, for last week’s geeky news,  read ahead!


Did You Glimpse the Blood Moon? via The Frisky

18 blood-moon3-600x450

The first full lunar eclipse in 3 years happened last Monday night, and I’m sad to say I missed it! Luckily, a few more are supposed to happen in the next year or so, so keep your eye out.

John Green Talks Upcoming Movie and More at Book Festival via Geek Magazine

Green fever has swept the nation(and Tumblr), especially with The Fault in Our Stars movie coming out in June. Whether you love him or  hate him,  you can’t deny the guy has some interesting  things to  say in this panel.

Sailor Moon Avengers Mashup via Geek x Girls

18 sailor moon

I can totally understand why they made Sailor Moon Captain America. Thoughts? Which Sailor scout would you have assigned to each team member, or do you agree?


Harrison Ford Reddit AMA via The Mary Sue

This post made my day last week. I mean, come on. It’s Harrison Ford. He’s the original curmudgeonly bastard.

Catbug Flies Away With Your Free Time in His New Mobile Game via Animation @ io9

18  catbug

I have never watched Bravest Warriors, but this game looks super adorable, and I might have to fix that.

Anatomy of a Bad Cover: DC’s New “Teen Titans #1” via Comic Book Resources

Once again, there are some issues in the comic book world. I think the author did a good job with laying out what was wrong with the cover, and how it could have been fixed.

Han Solo Carbonite Figure via Collider

18 han

Look, Harrison Ford again! I’m sure you’ve seen mini figurines of this iconic moment from Star Wars, but have you seen a life size version going for $7000? Didn’t think so.

23 Fun Facts About Firefly via Mental Floss

There is no such thing as knowing too much information on this beloved cult classic. Anyways, interesting conversation starters.

This Kickstarter Rocks: Kitrex Dinosaur via xoJane


This must be the week of life size play things, because one lady has created by Lisa Glover, who tested it on little girls! How cute. Go and donate here if you want to see this project come to life. Basically my childhood dream come true.

Inside Hogwarts is Here via The Washington Post

Want to go to Hogwarts? Well, now you can: Hogwarts is Here is a new website where you sign up for actual classes, with textbooks and all. Is that your inner fangirl squealing?

Astronaut Wears Firefly Shirt in First Instagram from Space via Universe Today

18 firefly

This guy’s cool points just went up by a million.

Fake Geek Guys: A Message to Men About Sexual Harassment via Comics Alliance

You have to have serious posts among the fun ones, my friends. An important read for every Iggle AND Miggle.

Extensive Minecraft Worlds Created with 3D Printer via Nerd Approved

18 minecraft

What’s next? Middle Earth? Please say Middle Earth.

Bilbo’s Special Shower Gel via Failblog

18 shire

Speaking of Middle Earth, very clever.

Attack on Titan Cosplay via Geek x Girls

18 snk

This was too pretty not too share! Love how the shoot combined fan girl and SNK soldier.

Blog  Post

My Favorite Web Comics via Nerd Burger

Need something new to read from the comic world? Let Cazz give you the low down on what to pick up next.


New X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer Released via Blastr

The more previews they release, the more excited I get. Almost less than a month!

WonderCon Exclusives via Nerdist

Didn’t get to go to WonderCon? Me either, but you can see the highlights in this video from day 2.


Loki Helmet Repeat Leggings via WeLoveFine


Look no further for leggings to wear as you take over the world. Naturally.

Collectible GoT Dragon Eggs via Think Geek

18 3egg_collectible_dragon_egg_box_with_eggs

Warning on Box: Do not jump into huge pyre thinking these will hatch. You are not the blood of the dragon (sadly).

Rainbow Unicorn Mug via Lenny Mud

18     unicorn

Helps fight off those evil Mondays with rainbows, glitter, AND coffee power. *hyahhh*

Meanwhile, On Tumblr…

Comic Ladies via Geek Pinata

18 superheroines

This comic can never  be tamed via SeeMikeDraw

18 khaleesi

I think  this  applies to pets,  too.

It’s April? via forsmithsandgiggles

18 ramona

Ramona has  a point.
That’s it for this week, you guys! I hope everyone had a marvelous Easter, and come back next weekend for another roundup of the week’s news.

Much love,