The road to RoadsecSP17 – The Major Hacker Festival of Latin America

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The road to RoadsecSP17 – The Major Hacker Festival of Latin America

What is Roadsec – The Major Hacker Festival of Latin America

To be held on November 11th, 2017

Roadsec is an itinerant event that has taken place, in this year of 2017, in 18 capital cities all over Brazil, counting on more than 15,000 participants. During the state editions of this event, it presents a format that is divided into three parts: conferences about the discoveries and new techniques presented by local specialists, as well as specialists from all over the country; activities that promote the interactive learning, with the use of drones, robotics and virtual reality.; regional phases of Hackaflag, the championship of systems hacking (invasion) that elects the best hackers of the year in that location and brings them to São Paulo for the final (and national) phase of the championship.

Captain Crunch himself will be participating in a conference in the event 

John Draper was the precursor of the concept of phreakers (phone hackers) by being able to make free phone calls using a plastic whistle that came as a souvenir within a box of cereal, which mimicked perfectly the 2600-Hz tone used to directly access the satellite in the long-distance calls. Thus, it was possible to make the calls without paying for them. With this, Draper compelled the USA to change the control signalling in their telephony systems.

Draper was convicted for fraud in 1972 to spend five years in jail for that. In the middle of the 1970s, he taught his phone phreaking abilities to two young men, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, who later would be the founders of Apple Computer. In an interview in 1995, Jobs declares that a blue box, a phone fraud ahrdware that used the technique of John Draper, was indeed the first product of the company, even before the famous Apple I.

Lots of attractions, conferences and even robot fights (robocore) will fill this day – hacking – technology – biohacking – drones –  security – car hacking… How to become a rockstar 😉 tons of stuff await for us there – and I will be covering the event for the IGGPP, yeah!

Check more about the event here and here and here!

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