On last November 11th, I went to Audio Club in order to attend Roadsec, which is the biggest hacker festival in Latin America. Here’s a recap of the event!

First of all, let me ask you something: do you really think things like this one shown below ONLY HAPPEN IN TV SERIES OR THE MOVIES? If so, you could not be more wrong. I even interviewed a specialist in car hacking and, oh, boy. I already knew that yes, this might happen, but it is insanely amazing to get to know more details about it and even tell your friends, like, “No, oh, boy, this actually happens IRL. And this is so scary… OMG!”

The second thing is not a question, but a comment in response to a question (not actually asked, but implied): YES, it is totally worthy to go to an event like this even if you do not work in cyber security or any related area, and the reasons for that are several, but let me start with… robot fights!

Yeah, now, more seriously (although robot fights are pretty cool, as you can see in the videos I will be posting later on…), Roadsec was fascinating and provided both professionals and non-professionals in this area with great insights into a very mystified field of work for those who do not work or understand a lot of cyber security. It is important to gain and raise awareness for cyber security for all of us as users of the Internet and other digital (and even physical) tech stuff, so we can be safer in the cyberspace.

Third point: what do hackers do? They hack. Obviously, duh! But if you still think all hackers are criminals, if you think that they are cyberterrorists who steal from banks and leak Game of Thrones episodes only, you could not be farther from the truth. I am here to give you a glimpse of their world!

While it is good to see that fiction is showing more reality-based hacking, such as in Mr. Robot and Marvel’s The Punisher, which is much better for real-life hackers, it is unfortunate to think that many people still consider hackers to only be criminals IRL; theirs is the immense task of keep our stuff safe, both in the individual sense and in the corporate sense SAFE.

There was a talk at Roadsec aimed at how people could keep their pieces of data safer on the Internet, as well as more technical talks aimed at those who are indeed responsible for this SAFETY and SECURITY. So, if you are from Brazil and interested in this fascinating world of cybersecurity and hacking, I totally recommend that you attend Roadsec 2018! 🙂

That’s me. Yeah, the bathroom picture LOL 😛

The car hacking specialist I interviewed mentioned a lot DEF CON – and you readers from the USA might want to check that too.

I know I have mentioned here that Captain Crunch was to attend Roadsec this year, but unfortunately his alleged inappropriate behavior in events meant his talk was canceled. If this is true or not, I cannot say, but what I can say is that the other talks, such as “How to be a cyber security Jedi”, for instance, were pretty cool and informative, and this talk especially was pretty fun indeed. Captivating. Informative. Cool. Closing the bridge between the mystical hacking world and the real hacking world, full of spectrums and not only black-and-white, as some still consider it to be.

Some simple messages like this from Gabriel Garcia after his talk, “Update your Android, the hack is out there”, might sound simple for some, but many ignore the necessary updates in their cell phones, computers etc, though they are important in order to maintain the system safety. Sometimes a user tends to think of this as both bothersome and unlikely probability that someone would invade his or her cell phone or computer systems. Until it happens. Until those nude photos are online. Things like that. As shown in fiction, it happens IRL. A lot. You might not work with this, but you should be at least a little interested in your own security and safety, right?

Ending with rock’n’roll… After a lot of talks and workshops, varying in themes and duration, providing both informative and hands-on work for the attendants, with many tracks divided into career trails, covering loads of themes with workshops and activities such as some mentioned below, Roadsec 2017 was, at least for me at my first time attending an event like this, amazing.

Biohacking digital identity

Hunting the cybercriminals (or not)

The Bicho: An Advanced Car Backdoor Hacker

Phishing arsenal

 Lock picking

Pixel Beads


Closing the festival were the concerts, of the Brazilian bands Matanza and Raimundos, which were freaking awesome! And that was it. It was an incredible day of an event full of rich contents – and fun. Can’t wait for the next one already! Lots of info, workshops, chats… And friends and beer and food trucks! 😉 Incredible talks and workshops and, hey, did I mention robot fights? 😉 Cannot wait to hit this road again next year and so should you!


I mentioned the movie Hackers in the previous post about Roadsec, and even though there are some real hacking there, there are lots of fantasies in said movie as well. Suggestion? Watch Mr. Robot. some real hacking (including, but not limited to) car hacking and great storytelling for you 🙂

PS: Will be updating it here with some videos of robot fights for you… as well an interview with a professional about car hacking, yeah! ASAP 😉