I’ve always been of the opinion that there’s a great comic book out there for everyone. I love making recommendations to folks – especially new readers – and helping them grow a love for one of America’s unique forms of literature.

So, let me tell you what to read this week.

Rebels #1

Rebels 1

Writer: Wood, Brian
Artist: Mutti, Andrea
Cover Artist: Lotay, Tula
From Previews:
In a rush of great public resistance to an oppressive and excessive government, a homegrown militia movement is formed in rural America. This is not 2015, but 1775. With the war for independence playing out across the colonies, young Seth and Mercy Abbott find their new marriage tested at every turn, as the demands of the frontlines and the home front collide.

Rebels takes us into the down and dirty of the American Revolution.  Told from the perspective of the farmers and laborers, the events of the Revolution unfold.  Wood has decided to give Rebels a modern-day bend by setting it up as a direct comparison to today.

Rat Queens #10

Rat Queens 10

Writer: Wiebe, Kurtis J.
Artist: Sejic, Stjepan
Cover Artist: Sejic, Stjepan
From Previews:
Palisade is shattered and recovering from the grand battle against the Spawn of N’Rygoth while the Rat Queens try to pick up the pieces of their fractured bond. Hey, we never promised it would all be candy and drugs.

Oh man, the cover image.  Possibly my favorite cover of the year.  So, #10 may not be a jumping-on point, but let’s be honest: every issue of Rat Queens is a jumping-on point in my book.  In this one, we get to hear about Hannah’s Mage College coping strategies, a Tizzie and Hannah team-up, Violet getting some action, a crazy squid god, and what’s under Hannah’s buns.  Stunning book overall.

That’s it for this week’s pull list!  Pretty light for new issues or jumping-on points.  If you have any recommendations for comic fans (and non-fans) out there, share them in the comments section!