I’ve always been of the opinion that there’s a great comic book out there for everyone. I love making recommendations to folks – especially new readers – and helping them grow a love for one of America’s unique forms of literature.

So, let me tell you what to read this week.

Harley Quinn Annual #1

Harley Quinn Annual 1

Writer: Conner, Amanda, Palmiotti, Jimmy
Artist: Timms, John
Cover Artist: Conner, Amanda

From Previews:

We have to warn you, readers: This issue stinks! Seriously! Like, unpleasant odors are literally in the story! In this first-ever HQ ANNUAL, take a trip to Harley’s home of Coney Island in a groundbreaking ‘scent-ticular’ issue, featuring actual, honest-to-gosh smells. This issue comes polybagged to contain the stench.

I’ve never seen a comic book that uses scent as part of the story telling. While it appears to be a gimmick to get more people to buy the issue, it has a good premise. The New52 Harley Quinn had a rough start, and Conner and Palmiotti are working hard to bring the fun nature back to the character. For new readers, an annual is a great place to jump in with!


Sensation Comics Feat. Wonder Woman #3

Sensation Comics Wonder Woman 3

Writer: Hernandez, Gilbert
Artist: Hernandez, Gilbert
Cover Artist: Reis, Ivan

From Previews:

When Wonder Woman allows an other-dimensional science-villain to capture her, she expects to swiftly deal with his android minions and save the day. But he’s able to brainwash her and that’s when things go haywire! Then, back on Earth, we share a rare moment from Diana’s rock-star days.

If you haven’t been reading the main series and want to try out some Wonder Woman, this is the place to start. Each issue contains short, one-shot stories about our favorite star-spangled superheroine.


C.O.W.L. Vol. 1: Principles of Power Trade Paperback

COWL Vol 1

Writer: Higgins, Kyle
Artist: Reis, Rod
Cover Artist: McCarthy, Trevor

From Previews:

The Chicago Organized Workers League once stood as a beacon of hope against an epidemic of organized crime and an unbeatable ‘brotherhood’ of Super-Villains. Now, in 1962, the union faces a disillusioned public, scandal, and a new era of threats. Here’s what the press has been saying about the hit new series: ‘A down and dirty Mad Men meets Heroes in ’60s Chicago.’-Entertainment Weekly ‘A gorgeous book, and the story is just as captivating as the art.’-The AV Club ‘There’s a touch of Mad Men’s style and sex appeal as well as Watchmen’s serious approach to heroes…Stunning.’-Mental Floss Collects issues #1-5 of the breakout series.

This is a great series for people who have read Watchmen and enjoyed it. Dark, gritty, and sure to be an even bigger hit as the story continues.


Barakamon Vol. 1

Barakamon 1

Writer: Yoshino, Satsuki
Artist: Yoshino, Satsuki
Cover Artist: Yoshino, Satsuki

From Previews:

For a certain reason, a handsome, young calligrapher by the name of Seishuu Handa uproots himself and moves to an island on the westernmost edge of Japan. ‘Sensei,’ as he comes to be known, is a city boy through and through, and has never experienced rural life until now. And by the looks of it, he has much to learn! From navigating public roads by tractor to resigning himself to having his new digs commandeered by the local children as their new hangout, the list of Sensei’s hardships is shaping up to be long indeed! Here unfolds a heartfelt island comedy about a gruff on the outside, soft on the inside urbanite teacher and his new, unfailingly tolerant island neighbors!

This is at the top of my stack this week! I’m a sucker for stories outlining the simplicity of country living. Pair it with a sensitive teacher and I’m all in!


That’s it for this week’s pull list! If you have any recommendations for comic fans (and non-fans) out there, share them in the comments section!