I’ve always been of the opinion that there’s a great comic book out there for everyone. I love making recommendations to folks – especially new readers – and helping them grow a love for one of America’s unique forms of literature.

So, let me tell you what to read this week.

Ody-C #1

Ody-C 1

Writer: Fraction, Matt
Artist: Ward, Christian
Cover Artist: Ward, Christian
From Previews:
An epic 26 centuries in the making: In the aftermath of a galactic war a hundred years long, Odyssia the Clever Champion and her compatriots begin their longest, strangest trip yet: the one home. A gender-bent eye-popping psychedelic science fiction odyssey begins HERE, by MATT FRACTION (CASANOVA, SEX CRIMINALS, SATELLITE SAM) and CHRISTIAN WARD (INFINITE VACATION, OLYMPUS). INCLUDES SPECIAL EIGHT-PAGE FOLDOUT!

Fraction has been on a roll lately with his comics.  This highly-anticipated creator-owned work is no exception.  Trippy, surreal, and poetic, this retelling of the Odyssey is sure to be a great pick for fans of the epic. (Appropriate for older readers).

Inhuman Vol. 1: Genesis

Inhumans vol 1

Writer: Soule, Charles
Artist: Madureira, Joe
Cover Artist: Madureira, Joe
From Previews:
Marvel’s newest heroes are born! Terrigen mist is moving across the world, transforming regular people into Inhumans with amazing powers. But not everyone thinks this is a good thing. As the mysterious Lash takes an unwanted interest in the new Inhumans, Queen Medusa finds herself face-to-face with Captain America – and it doesn’t go well. As the history of an ancient branch of Inhumans is uncovered, a newly transformed Inhuman named Flint sees his world fall apart! When deposed Inhuman king the Unspoken returns, determined to regain his throne, he quickly takes the royal family captive and conquers Medusa’s new island nation – and now Flint and his fellow NuHumans must step up and embrace their destiny! Discover the Marvel Universe’s secret history and get in at the ground floor of the next big Marvel franchise! Collecting INHUMAN #1-6.

If you’ve been watching Agents of Shield or any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, you’re going to want to pick up this volume.  The Inhumans are about to make a big debut (based on the hints sprinkled throughout the show and movies), and you should read up on who they are and how they fit into the Marvel Universe.

Pretty light week for new titles – probably due to the Thanksgiving holiday in America.  I hope you all have a lovely holiday catching up on older titles.  For me, I’m going to be reading A LOT of Walking Dead.

That’s it for this week’s pull list! If you have any recommendations for comic fans (and non-fans) out there, share them in the comments section!