I love comics. They have the ability to transport you to new places, telling a story unlike anything you’ve experienced. Comics are a special form of media; pictures, words, it’s a beautiful thing. My goal is to introduce everyone to the world of comics and the power it holds. It’s a special place that not many people have visited. Let me recommend a few comics that I’m sure will hook you and have you never looking back.

Welcome to The Pull List.

Back to the Future #5


Story: John Barber, Bob Gale, John Barber, Erik Burnham
Art: Marcelo Ferreira
Colors: Diego Rodriguez
Letters: Shawn Lee
Cover: Dan Schoening, Diego Rodriguez, Dennis Calero
Publisher: IDW

From CBR:

BACK FROM THE PAST! Doc finishes rebuilding the flux capacitor in the Old West and it’s time to find Marty… but an unexpected encounter threatens to derail the time train before it can take Doc, Clara, Jules, and Vern back to 1985!

Jem and the Holograms: Dark Jem #12


Story: Kelly Thompson, Sophie Campbell
Art: Sophie Campbell
Colors: M. Victoria Robado
Letters: Shawn Lee
Cover: Sophie Campbell, Jen Bartel
Publisher: IDW

From CBR:

DARK JEM—PART 2! Something’s making SYNERGY go haywire—and it spreads to JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS just as they gear up for their biggest challenge yet—touring with THE MISFITS! Meanwhile, THE MISFITS introduce their new lead singer… BLAZE! And just wait until PIZZAZZ finds out!

Rick and Morty #11


Story: Pamela Ribon
Art: Marc Ellerby
Colors: Ryan Hill
Letters: Crank!
Cover: CJ Cannon, Ryan Hill, Ben Sears
Publisher: Oni Press

From CBR:

READY PLAYER MORTY—Rick takes Morty to a High School Simulation planet that allows the player to accelerate his experience straight to a diploma in just one day*. Rick repeatedly kills Morty’s character, forcing him to restart in more and more vicious (and sometimes illegal) HS experiences—until Morty does things the way Rick wants and finds himself on the brink of intergalactic war. But ultimately Morty will be Morty, no matter what universe or scenario.

Meanwhile, Jerry and Summer stumble upon one of Rick’s unattended experiments and end up body-switching! Summer must find a way to get back into her body before her dad ruins her reputation or her mom rounds second.

[*not accredited]

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #5


Story: Ryan North
Art: Erica Henderson
Colors: Rico Renzi
Cover: Erica Henderson, Michael Cho
Publisher: Marvel Comics

From CBR:

• Squirrel Girl has been sent back in time to the sixties, which would be fine I guess, except now the future is ruled by Doctor Doom!

• Anyway, that’s not her fault, but she’s still fixing it because she’s just THAT GOOD.

• The final battle between Doctor Doom, Squirrel Girl and… an old-lady version of Squirrel Girl from the future?? Yes! Meet the sensational character find of 2016: AN OLD LADY!

• Fun fact: Besides adults literally fighting each other, this issue also features SEVERAL jokes!

• Don’t miss the hit comic featured on Entertainment Weekly’s Must List (which was several months ago for everyone reading this, but it was just yesterday when this text was being written and we’re all still very excited about it!)!

What’s on your pull list this week?

[Source: CBR]