I love comics. They have the ability to transport you to new places, telling a story unlike anything you’ve experienced. Comics are a special form of media; pictures, words, it’s a beautiful thing. My goal is to introduce everyone to the world of comics and the power it holds. It’s a special place that not many people have visited. Let me recommend a few comics that I’m sure will hook you and have you never looking back.

Welcome to The Pull List.

Gotham Academy: Second Semester #4


Story: Brenden Fletcher
Art: Jon Lam
Colors: Jon Lam
Letters: Steve Wands
Cover: Mingjue Helen Chen
Publisher: DC Comics

From CBR:

When a member of Detective Club is forced to stand trial for expulsion, the rest of the gang must rally for a rescue. But clues thrust them on a search for the mysterious Book of Gotham, and the gang learns there are more terrifying things at Gotham Academy than getting kicked out!

The Lost Boys #3


Story: Tim Seeley
Art: Scott Godlewski
Colors: Patricia Mulvihill
Cover: Tony Harris
Publisher: Vertigo Comics

From CBR:


It’s getting to be so a guy can’t go out on a Friday night in Santa Carla without somebody trying to sink their teeth into his neck! The Blood Belles are wreaking havoc across town. The Frog Brothers are missing, Star has run away, and Sam and Michael are one step ahead of having their blood drained. Only the mysterious vamp hunter known as the Believer can help them now!

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #5


Story: Julie Benson and Shawna Benson
Art: Roge Antonio
Colors: Allen Passalaqua
Letters: Deron Bennett
Cover: Kamome Shirahama and Yanick Paquette
Publisher: DC Comics

From CBR:

“WHO IS ORACLE?” part five! The new Oracle has led the Birds of Prey all around Gotham City, forcing them to deal with the worst of what the city has to offer. Now Batgirl, Black Canary and Huntress will learn the reason when this impostor’s secrets are revealed! But Oracle isn’t the only one with a secret past…where did the mysterious Fenice come from, anyway?

What’s on your pull list this week?

[Source: CBR]