One of my favorite things that’s began happening this semester is after rehearsal, a bunch of us go and get lunch together. It’s a lot of fun and a good way to connect with the girls in the show. Since there is such a large group of us and it’s kind of hard to talk to everyone at once, we go around and each of us give one good thing, one bad thing and one weird thing that happened to us that week! It’s a great way for us all to just take a minute to reflect on our weeks and talk to everyone else in the show.

This past wee1457482_877767148915142_1868565206628719202_nk we held a Dance-a-thon for fundraising! It was sort of like a three hour long Zumba class run by our wonderful organizer Liana. Our school’s show choir performed for us about half way through, and we also held a a small raffle! The president of our university came and donated a tea party for eight people to our raffle (which I was lucky enough to win) and danced with us and we all had a really great time. We are waiting to hear back on how much money we raised!

This week was also our school’s Take Back the Night event, an event where survivors of sexual assault come to share their stories of survival. This is always a very powerful event, a very empowering event, that we ended with a rally and march around campus to show that the campus that we were there and that we are not going to be silenced. It was an amazing event.

This week has been some of the best readings of the monologues I have ever seen, they are really starting to come together and find their characters and connect with their monologue. I can’t wait to see how much everyone grows from here on out!