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Superheroes makeup Tutorial – The Winter Solider

It’s time for another superhero makeup tutorial, and this time we’re creating a look based on Steve Rogers’s BFF, Bucky– The Winter Soldier!

The great thing about this look is that foundation is optional. Foundation optional looks are my favorite because sometimes I just don’t feel like taking the time. Let’s get started.

First, decide if you’re going to be doing foundation. I didn’t, so we can move on. Those of you that choose to do foundation, do your usual: conceal, contour, highlight, all that jazz.

The first thing I did was prime my eyelid. Then I took my first color, black, and I applied that to the outside corner of the lid. I made a little bit of a wing too. You can use eyeshadow or a pencil or cream liner for this; if you use liner you’ll probably have a harder time blending, though.

After that I took a bit of gray and applied that to the middle of the lid and blended into the black.

Next I took a little bit of a red-ish pink on a small detail brush and applied that to the inner corner.

I used a cream eyeliner and lined my lower waterline to darken it to create an almost smoky eye.

Apply eyeliner and mascara as usual and that’s it!

What look or character should I do next?

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