Hey music lovers! You’re going to love this. Have you ever wished there was a more fun way to discover new music than navigating Pandora or Spotify & hoping something jumps out at you? Do you enjoy sampling tunes from up-&-coming bands/artists around the world? Do you like to gather band-promoting stickers & wristbands & the like? What if I told you there was a subscription box service that send you music & goodies each month for a reasonable price, keeping in mind what genres you prefer? If you’d say you’d want to know more, that’s exactly how I felt when I found out. The good people over at The Music Box graciously sent us a box for review, & I’m excited to tell you all about it!


I was pleased with the shape & size of the box, especially since nothing inside was at all damaged in any way. I like the confidence I feel that nothing in a Music Box would ever arrive broken. Who wants to pay money for things that are shipped in a way that worries you? The themed sticker on the box was a nice touch, it feels like they put a lot of love into this endeavor.


I don’t think I’d trade these October goodies for any other month, though it does make me curious what sort of things are included when there isn’t such an obvious month-appropriate theme! But what is October without a plastic spider ring & an eraser in the shape of a jack-o-lantern? An October not worth having, the way I was raised. & let’s not forget to talk about the scarf & the candy! I am a sucker for scarves & candy! Having a pile of fun things to admire before even getting to the music put me into a great mood, & made it feel quickly worth the price they ask for this service. They don’t have to send along novelties & trinkets to make music exciting, but they do, so delving into the box is a special treat. I think I’ll sneak the little plastic bug into my mom’s ice cube tray the next time I’m at her place…


Under the festive layer, it’s music discovery time. There’s a whole pile of stickers & cards & download codes & teaser bits of information for many different bands & singers. I got online & followed up on each one of the nine. Between the exclusive download codes & the free music generously offered by others on their sites, I ended up with twenty downloaded tracks total, & it was fun to see where the people behind the music were from, if they’re on tour, see photos of them & whatnot. Usually when I’m discovering new music, I rarely actually go to a website to see what the people are really about, so this experience gave me a feeling of involvement of which I usually rob myself.

Two cds were in the bottom of the box, one with six tracks & one with thirteen. I love having actual physical cds! That’s another thing I miss out on a lot when just finding new music online. No electronic version will ever feel the same as sliding a disc into your car to enjoy during a drive, or eagerly handing it to a friend to try (& firmly insisting she return it in a timely fashion!). The cds really feel like the heart of The Music Box, the true reason to subscribe to this service, with all of the rest of the contents providing more depth & variety to the experience.

All in all, I’d certainly recommend The Music Box to anyone who likes discovering new music & has any interest in subscription box services. The prices are absolutely reasonable, the presentation is well crafted, & each box would be a treasure to discover.

Cost is only $10 per month (with free shipping in the USA!), with a $5/month option starting soon! Here’s the link to find out more!

Thanks again to the good people at The Music Box for giving us this opportunity!