Hello! My name is Kelly and I am polka dot addict. I am also a stationery addict and the lovely IGGPC team have generously allowed me to share my love of stationery with you. I have geeked out over notebooks, pens and other goodies ever since I was a young girl and over the years have amassed a lovely collection.

 I often joke with people that the main reason I became a primary school teacher was so I could experience that annual thrill of new stationery buying for the new academic year. Not that I don’t buy throughout the year too!

For this first post I thought I would share the solution to a problem I had been having when out of the house. At home I have everything set out in my writing bureau but I had a big conundrum when it came to leaving the house. I have always been someone who carries a large bag as I have to have everything with me just in case and that includes my letter writing things! I don’t like putting things loose in my bag and so was very happy when I stumbled across the beauty below.

Convenient containers for your paper goods

Convenient containers for your paper goods

At the bargain price of about £4 I quickly snapped it up. Inside the binder there are slots for my stamps and stickers and my writing paper and received letters are securely contained. It fits into my bag and isn’t too fiddly to use.

It's bigger on the inside!

It’s bigger on the inside!

It was a perfect solution for me and has helped me feel much more organised. Does anyone else have a system for letter writing on the go?

Now all I need to find is a small enough pencil case to fit a few choice pens!

Thanks for reading, please feel free to leave a comment declaring your stationery love and if you have any stationery items you would like to cover please let me know!

Kelly Dotty

Miss Dotty Loves