Hello Penpal friends!

I hope 2014 is treating you well! May 2014 be full of lots of letter (and stationery) goodness. This month I thought I would start focusing on particular stationery themes and first up is Woodland.

I think over the past few years there has been a definite woodland vibe in stationery and craft and I know I am not the only one who has fallen for hedgehogs, owls and foxes recently! Firstly for your letter writing and note taking needs I have found some very cute ‘Bramble Wood’ pencils from WHSmith. There is a whole owl range available so if owls are your thing check out the range here! I also adore woodland creatures on the letter paper and notecards I send and I have snapped up a few of these hand painted cards from MissChaelaBoo‘s Etsy shop. The trouble is they are so nice I don’t want to use them!

What does the fox say? Get some rainbow stationery!

What does the fox say? Get some rainbow stationery!

Bramble Wood Pencil and MissChaelaBoo card

As many of us stationery addicts are often ‘trying to be good’ we often create wishlists and my wishlist for woodland items is huge. These thank you cards are so gorgeous and I think lots of kids (and grown ups) would love this super cute pencil case from kikki.K. One thing I love for organizing all my penpal notes and addresses is this notebook and the address book pictured below from Paperchase.

Store your addresses artfully.

Store your addresses artfully.

Image used with permission from Paperchase.

Does anyone else have any woodland themed stationery recommendations?

Am I the only one who still loves all things woodland?

Miss Dotty x

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