This month’s theme is Play with Pixels, and so I followed the overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam and came across a pixel art game named Stardew Valley. A game that any fan of Harvest Moon would get into pretty easily.

I have to be honest, I haven’t been a die hard fan of pixel art games for a very long time. I’m obsessed with gorgeous character customisation and when things get a little blocky, I get a bit closed minded. But the theme got me thinking, and so I looked around hoping for a pixel art game that would help me rekindle my love for them.


I came across the adored game of Stardew Valley, a small game that has gathered a huge fanbase. When I heard that it was similar to Harvest Moon, I was pretty intrigued, and when I got to the customisation page, oh I was very very intrigued indeed. There are so many options and you can see the thought put into it as you click through each of the options. It has a very detailed character customisation, and as I’ve said in previous posts, I’m a sucker for them.

The story itself is very Harvest Moon-themed. The idea is that someone left you a nice little farm that you then have to tidy up and fix from being quite a rough place to live, as well as help the town you live near thrive once more by doing little tasks. It’s much more free as well; you don’t just have farming and getting married to focus on, you can also go into the mine and fight monsters, fish for the rare fishes, and even have children that grow up! It’s filled to the brim with things to do that it actually becomes quite addictive.


For the time I’ve played Stardew Valley, I have sold veggies that I’ve grown as well as items I found on the floor. As pennies build up, you get a real sense of accomplishment when you can buy your first expansion or new tools to do chores without running out of energy too quickly.

As for relationships, the method is the same as HM, the more you talk to people and give them prezzies, the more they start to like you. A feature I find adorable is that every Friday in game, after everyone has finished their working day, they all meet in the local pub and this is where I make the most of having everyone in one place and not having to run around finding them all. There is a big selection of who you can marry, and a lovely addition is that you can have same sex marriages. So you can marry anyone, and if you’re worried about how that affects the whole children aspect, don’t. There is an option to adopt a child!


Not only does Stardew Valley outshine Harvest Moon in the fanbase area, it outshines it in its old fashioned outlook on what should be included. Stardew has added modern traditions as well as so much more activity-filled adventures. The possibilities are very extensive and it gives you a sense of freedom as you graft on your farm, looking after your pets and livestock!

I recommend this game to…well, anyone really! It’s fun and open as an rpg, and believe me, hours of your life will be involved with it!

Have you played Stardew Valley yet? What are your thoughts?