Happy May the Fourth be with you!!!

How has everyone been? Gone thrifting? Found anything cool? I haven’t been able to do much shopping because my classes have me on lock down! Seriously, it gets to the end of the semester and that’s when they throw everything at you! Bah!

But I am not here to talk about that. I am here to celebrate May Fourth also known as MAY the Fourth be with you day!! I want to share with you some of the items my family and I have found second hand. Also to show that you never know what you may find!


Legos!! They won’t always be complete or in great condition but still fun to own. You could use them in a project or track down the missing pieces you need!


Do you guys remember Micro Machines? I came across this beauty at my local Goodwill for 7 bucks! I squeed!!



They are so tiny. I’m actually shocked that whoever donated this actual kept them. I would always lose mine. I have a Star Trek set with no figures.

If you want to see more photos of the Micro Machine stop by my blog!


Aw vinyl. I love vinyl. I don’t buy CDs anymore but give me a record and I am happy! You can find a lot of Star Wars albums on 33s or 45! I got this awesome record tote at a store while on a road trip and I use it to store all of my story book 45s!

IMG_6954 IMG_6959

Some of the story ones I have. I also have Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Droid Wars, and a color & shapes one. I also own a bunch of Disney stories and Gremlins! I listen to them on my Care Bears record player. The stories are great for background noise!

We have also found the full length score soundtracks for the films. The better condition the cover is, the more expensive it can get but if you have patience, you will find them at a price you can afford/worth it to you.


I found a sheet of stamps!! Actual postage stamps! The stamps were released in 2007. It was still in it’s package. I took it out to be framed. I still have a sheet of these that I use to mail letters out to pen pals. I need to share the Star Wars love!

Of course we have all sorts of books, action figures and lightsabers! OMG, we have so many lightsabers. My boyfriend just can’t say no to a lightsaber especially if it’s priced at $1.99 but I wanted to share with you something different from Star Wars land.

What crazy Star Wars items have you found? Do you still have your original collection? Is there something you are looking for?

Thanks for reading and Happy May Fourth!!

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