Do you love Star Wars? Do you love cupcakes? If you answered yes, House Organa invites you to join us on Monday, May 4th to celebrate Star Wars Day with a Star Wars Cupcake Bake Along!

What: Star Wars Day Cupcake Bake Along
When: Monday May 4th, 2015 at 6:30 PM CST
Where: Follow @HouseOrgana on Twitter while we tweet and bake!

Let the baking begin:
Step One: Choose your favorite cupcake mix and bake according to package directions.
Step Two: Let cupcakes cool COMPLETELY before the decorating fun begins!

Princess Leia Cupcakes
Princess Leia Cupcake
Ingredients: White Icing, Oreos, Chocolate Icing, Black Icing/Gel, Red Icing/Gel
Step One: Frost cooled cupcake with white icing.
Step Two: Cover the “white” section of the Oreo with the black icing/gel. (I used Cake Mate Writing Gel in Black.) Attach an Oreo to both the right and left side of the cupcake using icing as “glue”. This step creates the buns of Leia’s hair.
Step Three: Use chocolate icing to create Leia’s hair. I used a knife to spread the icing in two overlapping half circles at the top of the cupcake.
Step Four: Using the black icing/gel place two dots in the center of the cupcake for Leia’s eyes.
Step Five: Create Leia’s mouth using red icing/gel.
Step Six: Marvel at the beauty of your creation!

Stormtropper Cupcakes
Stormtrooper Cupcake
Ingredients: White Icing, Marshmallow, Black Icing/Gel
Step One: Frost cooled cupcake with white icing.
Step Two: Use black icing/gel on a marshmallow to create the Stormtropper helmet. (The tip of the Cake Mate Writing Gel in Black was perfect for this step!) Draw a circle around the top rim of the marshmallow. Connect two half circles to this circle for the eyes. A small downward curved line was used for the mouth.
Step Three: Place the marshmallow “helmet” on top of the cupcake.
Step Four: Wow! You did it! Give yourself a hand!

Chewbacca Cupcakes
Chewbacca Cupcakes
Ingredients: Chocolate Icing, White Icing, Black Icing/Gel, Sandwich Bag
Step One: Place a spoonful of chocolate icing in the corner of a small sandwich bag. Clip the corner off of the sandwich bag. Viola! You now have a “fancy” decorating bag. Note: The closer you clip to the corner, the smaller the line of icing that will be produced.
Step Two: Using your decorating bag, start at the center of the cupcake and drop rows of chocolate icing outwards. Repeat this step over and over to create the fur on Chewbacca.
Step Three: Place two dots of white icing in the center of the cupcake for eyes. To create the pupil of the eye, use the black icing/gel to form two smaller dots on top of the white.
Step Four: Use the white icing to create a mouth for Chewbacca.
Step Five: Enjoy the deliciousness!

Please share your cupcake creations with House Organa using #OrganaBakesCupcakes – May the 4th be with you!

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