Hello Iggles! It’s time for another round of staff picks for the month! This is where the staff of the IGGPPC shares the things we’ve been in love with, obsessed with, and downright impressed with this month. We hope you find something new to try out! As always, we LOVE finding out about cool, new things, so please share your own picks for the month in the comments!


Joanna’s Pick: Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert [Teaware] 
So I maaaaaay have a slight obsession with the Miranda Kerr collection from Royal Albert. I only own one piece (the tea caddy) but I regularly look through the collection and daydream about having the full, lovely set for tea parties with my cats (or iggle friends!). I love the vintage pastels and designs, and they have just added glassware to the collection, complete with etched butterflies in the same pattern. *swoon*


Toasty’s Pick: Lush Aromaco [Deodorant] 
So I guess it’s probably a little weird to be obsessed with a deodorant, but I admit it, I am. I was having an issue with store bought deodorants. It seemed like no matter what I bought, even the stuff for sensitive skin, I would get a rash. It got to the point where I just gave up on deodorant altogether because it just wasn’t worth the itchy rash. But when I started working out, I didn’t know what to do, because, well, as you know, you get a bit smelly when you work up a sweat. I finally found Lush Aromaco and I’m seriously in love. It smells great, lasts a long time, and keeps me from smelling icky no matter what I’m doing. I don’t get a rash and it’s cruelty free!


Rosa’s Pick: Composer Bear McCreary’s blog
I am a huge fan of Black Sails, and I’m a huge fan of hurdy-gurdys, and when I initially started the show, and heard that amazing hurdy-gurdy based tune, my reaction was “PIRATE MUSIC, HURDY-GURDYS, YASSS!” followed by some very ugly, excited dance moves. I recently watched Outlander, and the whole soundtrack gave me a similar response (well, in this case it was more like “SCOTLAND, BAGPIPES, YASSS!”). Turns out Bear McCreary is behind both (and so many other awesome soundtracks besides), and that he is running a blog, where he gives lots of insights into his music and the thoughts that goes behind it. If you are in any way interested in film music or composing (or just want to hear some amazing soundtracks), it’s worth checking out.


Summer’s Pick: Ask Me Another [Podcast]
If you like puzzles, word games, and trivia, this is the podcast for you! Each week, contestants battle it out along with some amazing guests and musical numbers by Johnathan Colton. And, ok – I’m probably biased, because at C2E2 I got the chance to be a contestant on one of my favorite podcasts! (You can listen to that episode here!) It was so much fun and a real blast to meet the people who’s voices I’ve been nerding out to for the past few years.


Jen’s Pick: Raspberry Jam from Davids Tea [Tea] 
This tea is so light and tasty. The smell is almost even better than the taste. If you like raspberries, then you’ll enjoy this tea. It’s become my new favourite.


Stewie’s Pick: The Blacklist [TV Show]
I haven’t been this addicted to a TV show since Prison Break. The premise? A clever and witty criminal from the top 10 most wanted list comes out of hiding, all to fight crime with an FBI agent he has a strange and mysterious fondness for. He offers her names of others on the list, as well as masterminds crazy plans and schemes to capture them. Something seems to be going on with everyone that hasn’t quite come to the surface yet… But it’s an exciting and crazy crime show with great characters, interesting dynamics and chemistry among them, and always a new leaf turning over in the winding maze of a story line.