We’ve got a few late-February staff picks for you gals this month! These are a few things we’ve discovered, things we’re into, things we loved in the month of February. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know what your February picks are!


Toasty: Instant Pot [Kitchen Appliance]
I’m slow to the pressure cooker game, but no one in my family used one, so I’d never seen one in action. Last weekend, my friend showed me hers and I fell in love! It’s ridiculously fast and all the food was delicious! This is on my wishlist now, because I think I need it.


Joanna: Apple Jack tea from Adagio [Tea]
For my birthday last year I was given the My Little Pony fandom sampler from Adagio, and it didn’t take me long to not only go through the entire pack of them but to choose my favorite tea of the bunch and promptly order a  heap of it once I ran out. The Apple Jack blend smells and tastes like caramel apples in your cup (especially with a splash of milk or cream) and has been making my mornings cozier. Give this one a go if you like happiness and dreams coming true, or if you just really like caramel and apple and tea.


Stewie: Death Wish Coffee [Coffee]
Death Wish Coffee, which boasts a badass brand and makes a baller brew, markets itself as the world’s strongest cup of coffee. As a web designer, I appreciate that their website is beautifully created. Their social media campaigns are on point, and their merchandise is clever and awesome, and the brand has an overall pirate-punk vibe that I think we can all appreciate. They even have a custom brew designed for Zakk Wylde, guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne (Valhalla Java Odinforce blend, for all the Vikings out there!)


Farquharson: The Rogue + The Wolf [Jewelry]
So we all know that I am a bit spooky right? Well, when I discovered The Rogue + The Wolf I just about passed out with excitement at their beautiful range of ‘nu goth’, witch inspired jewellery and have spent every day since browsing their site, waiting (im)patiently for pay day to roll round…and when it did I ordered myself their occult ring. They wormed a bit further into my heart when I discovered they are based in the same building that I went to college (many moons ago).