Looking for that perfect present for your favourite geek? Need inspiration for that person who falls into a totally specific niche (in your heart and in geekdom)? Here’s a gift guide curated for you by your oh-so-geeky IGGPPC Staff just in time for our 3rd birthday!

Gifts for the Grown-Up Geek of Many Fandoms by Joanna


One of the worst things about being an adult geek is finding room for all the collectibles that I have the impulse to gather! Space is at a premium in my home, so I love when there are fandom-related useable items! I also have a love of many different fandoms, so it’s nice to find Mickey in my kitchen and the Doctor in the den. Here are five of my favorite geeky home items!

  1. Mickey Mouse trivet – I have this trivet and absolutely love having Mickey’s happy face in my kitchen! I actually have several Mickey Mouse kitchen items, though my kitchen isn’t “themed” for it. They just make me smile while I’m cooking!
  2. Lord of the Rings throw pillow – Who wouldn’t want this fetching throw pillow on their sofa or bed? I’m a big fan of geeky throw pillows (and have several Disney ones, too) because they add a touch of whimsy to the sofa, bed or chair where I put them, and they add bonus lumbar support! (Oh, the weird priorities of adulthood.)
  3. Doctor Who cookie jar – This jar may not be bigger on the inside, but it can also hold way more than cookies. I have one that holds my loose tea bags!
  4. Harry Potter blanket – A way to stay warm and let your imagination wander Hogwarts, all in one. I love the map design so much, I have it on a dress, and stationery, and…
  5. R2D2 teapot – Adorable and useful! I may not *need* this teapot, but it sure would make a cute backup for my backup backup teapot…  I wish they made this design in a full tea set!

Gifts for a Vegan Goth Cyborg with a Penchant for Profanity by Farquharson


  1. Dr Marten’s Adventure Time Marceline Boots – I love AT and Marceline The Vampire Queen is a style icon (plus DM’s are a goth fashion staple)
  2. Fresh Out Of Fucks Bangle  – Because cyborgs always are
  3. Nailbiter, Vol. 1: There Will Be Blood – Stories about serial killers never go out of style, and this story is phenomenal
  4. Still Alive – Art Print – Because GlaDOS is Our Cyborg Lady of Perpetual Cake
  5. Vegan Tuck Box Ultimate Subscription Box – Vegan junk food delivered to your house, what is not to love here?

Gifts for the Tea-Infused Writer by Toasty


  1. Teabox – Want to give the gift of tea year round? There are tea subscription boxes now! Teabox is customized based on tea preference and there are different plans depending on how much money you want to spend. Plans start as low as $10 a month!
  2. Write Like a Motherf***er Mug – Does your tea drinking writer friend love profanity? Then they need a mug that matches their personality! (Also comes in plastic travel mug style.)
  3. Take Off Your Pants! Outline Your Books for Faster, Better Writing – Your writer friend can never have too many books on writing craft. Here’s one I highly recommend!
  4. Writer’s Tears Irish Whiskey – If your friend is of-age, maybe they’ll like some whiskey that matches their current feelings about their manuscript. (May or may not be available to be shipped to your country.)
  5. Fountain pen and a notebook to go with – Okay, so I know this is two things, and I know I’ve mentioned both of these in staff picks before, but I cannot stress enough that a good pen and equally good notebook are wonderful gifts for writers. And you don’t have to break the bank on either of these things! The Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen is a wonderful and inexpensive fountain pen. I prefer the fine nib and I also have a converter so I can use bottled ink. It writes smoothly and is easy and painless to hold for extended longhand writing sessions. The Midori Traveler’s Notebook is a great notebook that’s expandable, compartmentalized, customizable, and reusable. The leather cover smells amazing, too. The paper is super thin and lightweight but a high quality that doesn’t bleed, even with a medium point fountain pen. These two items are the perfect pair!

Gifts for a Tree Hugging Snail by JimBob


As a small, letter loving snail, there’s nothing I geek out about more than nature! It is my home, after all. If you want to hug (or gently slime, as the case may be) a tree this holiday season, here are some things you might consider!

  1. You can adopt one of my manatee friends through Save the Manatee Club! How could you say no to an adorable manatee face? (:3)
  2. Like honey? Want to be BeeFFs with some fuzzy insects? Look at these adorable bee badges that support the Bumblebee Conservation Trust!
  3. Narwhal narwhal swimming in the ocean! Sponsor a real life unicorn with this kit from World Wildlife Fund!
  4. Donate seedlings via Heifer International! You’ll be planting trees and helping people! What a winning combination!
  5. Adopt an Acre with The Nature Conservancy!

Gifts for the Broadway Loving Sword Fighter in your life by Sumsy


  1. Toil & Trouble – I found out about Toil & Trouble in November when I met writer Mairghread Scott at a comic convention in Michigan. In simplest terms, it is a retelling of Macbeth from the point of view of the witches. The writing is beautiful and the art by Kelly and Nichole Matthews is outstanding. A must read for any theater nerd who loves Shakespeare.
  2. Hamilton Tickets – If your pockets run deep… pony up for tickets to see Hamilton. TOTALLY WORTH IT. I saw it in New York back in October, and I’m still madly in love with this play. As someone who’s been in theater from a young age, it’s hard to impress me any more, but this show delivers.
  3. Sword leggings – I’ve been eyeing these leggings for a long time. I always need more leggings to wear to my sword fighting class, and these would be great! Though really, I would probably just wear them in my daily life.
  4. Fun Home – Also on Broadway right now is the 2015 Tony Award winning musical adaptation of Alison Bechdel’s graphic novel Fun Home. The stage show is heart bracingly beautiful, the book is even more so. It is a tale of fathers, families, and finding yourself.
  5. Sarah Bernhardt, Jeanne d’Arc Poster – I’ve run out of wall space, but I’m still collecting prints! Something like this vintage Sarah Bernhardt poster combines all my loves and would look great hanging in my living room!

Gifts for a coffee-addicted cat lady who likes superheroes by Jen


  1. Pawsitively Bemused Mug – A coffee mug shaped like a cat paw! There’s even little jelly bean pads on the bottom.
  2. Ms Marvel Kamala Khan Tee – Any fan of Kamala Khan would enjoy reppin’ her in their day-to-day life.
  3. I Want To Pet All The Cats Mug – Accurate mug for every cat lady in the world.
  4. I Know My Value Tank – Agent Carter is such a cool lady and this tank is perfect.
  5. I Follow The Three C’s: Cats, Coffee and Cuddles – This design couldn’t be more perfect for anyone who can’t live without coffee and kitties.

Gifts for the Fantasy-loving bookworm who adores gingerbread by Rosa


  1. Valar Morghulis coin necklace – very handy should you suddenly find yourself at The House of Black and White
  2. Lovely Hogwarts notebooks –  for the studious witch or wizard
  3. An engraved rolling pin –  with gingerbread people, because duh.
  4. LOTR Pillows – Is it a book? Is it a pillow? No one knows!
  5. Book Poster – Pretty poster of the pretty portuguese cover of The Wise Man’s Fear

Gamer Girl Gear by Stewie


  1. Companion Cube Shirt – Everyone needs a friend, and your companion cube sticks with you through thick and thin as you venture in and out of Portals! Until you have to burn it alive – pah, details. I still love you my cube-shaped friend.
  2. FNAF Figures – Your favorite homicidal animatronics are alive and well, as adorable toys (and YES – pluyshies!) Five Nights at Freddy’s nerds can rejoice at the adorable toys that (hopefully) won’t kill you!
  3. Animal Crossing Stationery – How appropriate – Nerdy stationery! An important part of Animal Crossing, aside from catching bugs and fishing, is writing heartfelt letters to your neighbors. Capture that vibe with your own Animal Crossing inspired stationery!
  4. Hearthstone Bottle Opener – “Welcome!” “I can help you with that.” I actually own this amazing bottle opener, and it is a geek’s dream! A Hearthstone inspired talking bottle opener. So fun!
  5. Pokemon Scarf – A little bummed there is no Jiggly Puff on this Pokemon infinity scarf, but hey – scarves are always in season. Show off your Poke-pride with this adorable Pokemon scarf!