Spring is here, finally! I call it spring when my cactus blooms, because it always does around the same time. It blooms a beautiful, vibrant, fuchsia pink. This year, three flowers bloomed all at once! This was my inspiration for this spring make up look. 

Cactus bloom inspiration pictures for this spring make up tutorial.

Inspiration pictures. I love my cactus.

I like to put on my foundation and concealer first because I don’t like to run the risk of ruining my eye makeup. So I did all that, plus eyebrows and primer, off camera.

Next, I took a nice, pale green and applied that to the outer corners of my lids, winging it sharply like I would eyeliner. You can do this using either a flat brush or an angled brush.

After that, I took a bright pink and applied that to my lids, but avoided the inner corners. I faded that with a lighter pink, because we’re gonna do some magic next.

Okay, it’s not really magic – I’m just taking this liquid eyeshadow and applying it to the inner corners of my lids, using a small brush.

After that I did eyeliner and mascara. Wet ‘n Wild’s angled marker liner is fantastic for wings. I also used Covergirl’s lengthening mascara.

I also added white liner to my lower lash line to make my eyes look bigger.

Lastly, I applied a nice, pinkish nude lipstick and that was it! Pretty simple and cute, if I do say so myself.

That’s all for this cactus bloom-inspired tutorial. What look should I do next?