Video games have a huge following in the horror genre with games like Slender and Five Nights At Freddy’s making a huge impact. There are people who pour hours into just watching these games played and think they are the ultimate experience in scares. But did you know there are some things far more horrifying than knowing Slender is about to start following you at any minute and there is a shoot-em-up game completely dedicated to a Halloween theme? Sometimes these things are hidden tidbits in games, overlooked whole games, extra stories, or even just totally unexpected moments of shock. This list has some of the most disturbing and Halloween-themed moments in games that I have found by being adventurous.

Fallout Series – Vaults and ghouls:  

Going into a game like Fallout you expect some strange things especially since it’s a survival RPG. But you don’t really expect to find out literally every Vault that was made to “save” humanity is an immoral science experiment. Every person who survived in a Vault was put through their new home’s tests including drug induced hallucinations, cloning, and even putting a man alone with nothing but puppets. There was even Vault 101 which was used to test a dictatorship and was never to be opened.  There were Vaults dedicated entirely to what if scenarios like 1 woman with 1,000 men, 1 man with 1,000 women, over population, segregation, and gambling ruled laws. On top of all that, the Ghouls in the games can cause jump scares galore. Feral Ghouls have a huge tendency to pop out of dark corners in the games and always ended up giving me a scare.

Screenshot (55)

Fallout 4- Game Trailer Capture of Ghouls.

Super Mario 64 – Big Boo’s Haunt: 

As one of the first fully 3D games with open world maps, Super Mario 64 was simply amazing. Most people who have played this game themselves know exactly where I’m headed with this level. As you progress through the game you will notice a Boo that runs away from you in the hallway leading to the courtyard and after collecting enough Stars it becomes infested with Boos. After fighting them off, one will drop what appears to be a house in a cage that Mario can shrink down and jump into. Inside, the music changes to a very unpleasant rumble and every room you go in has a jump scare whether it be the infamous piano that chases you with loud noises or furniture that flies at you out of nowhere. This level left most gamers with a fear of pianos and is always mentioned as arguably the worst jump scare of gaming.

Paper Mario – Chapter 3: 

I bet you’re wondering how such a cute and charming game about paper cut-outs could ever go dark? The third level of Paper Mario however pulls it off way better than most games that try for it. After you rescue two Star Spirits, the bridge in the middle part of Toad Town gets its guard house haunted by Bootler the Boo and Mario has to go to the mansion deep in the Forever Forest to find out what’s going on. The Forever Forest path has flowers popping out to giggle at you. On top of all that is a confusing path that you can easily get lost in and there are creatures watching you from the trees. But the woods nor the boo’s themselves are not what creeped me out the most about this game. Enter Tubba Blubba, the boss who is invisible at first, eats Boos for revenge, and ripped his heart out without a care. The town he has destroyed is bleakly-colored and unsettling and the fact that this guy eats souls for dinner is completely unnerving for a cheerful children’s game.

Screenshot (84)

Paper Mario- Game Trailer Capture of Tubba Blubba fight.

Zelda – Majoras Mask: 

Majoras Mask is one of the darkest games Nintendo’s ever made. There is no lack of disturbing side-quests and content sprinkled throughout the game. Its whole premise is a doomsday world where its residents go through shown stages of fear, hopelessness, and depression. This game has everything from children whose parents are possessed to a girl being kidnapped by aliens. The evil mask has flipped the world of Termina upside down and the only way to finish everything is to collect all the masks and follow the quest lines to heal hearts and souls.


DeathSmiles is a Cave-developed shoot-em-up from Japan that is completely Halloween-themed. The game is based in a world where there are angel girls with distant memories who fight hordes of monsters that have been released from an attempt to make a portal to the human world. There are 5 girls to pick from who all have pretty disturbing back stories to discover and want to stop their world from being destroyed. The levels are all hand drawn art and the soundtrack is perfect for Halloween parties as well. If you make the choice to pick it up you can enjoy fighting pumpkin reapers,waltzing ghosts, and an ice giant.

Screenshot (92)

DeathSmiles- Game trailer capture of ice giant battle.

Oblivion – Dark Brotherhood: 

Oblivion’s Dark Brotherhood quest was terrifying and one of the most well thought out storyline for the group so far. Lucien and his crew of assassins are in direct contact with the Night Mother to get contracts and rarely fell. The Brotherhood in the past was even responsible for taking down the emperor. In this variation you start out by taking down an old man who had wronged the Brotherhood and then going on various missions for them. The real scare however doesn’t happen unless you decide to betray them yourself or attack a member on accident. When you go to sleep or wait after angering Lucien and the other assassins you will be greeted by the voice of the screaming ghost of the old man who will chase you around trying to kill and terrorize you until you defeat him.


Pokemon has a massive world spanning over 6 main game regions and over 700 Pokemon to capture and befriend.  The world however has a lot of ghostly Easter eggs.  In the first generation, the ghost of a Cubone’s mother is rampaging through the tower in Lavender Town for revenge. Then in later games a girl appears in an office building in X and Y and there’s the Old Chateau in Diamond and Pearl where a little girl is looking for a Pokemon. On top of that, some ghost Pokemon have descriptions that are a little bit weird. For example, did you know Hypno kidnaps children and there is even a creepy fan song dedicated to him? It doesn’t just end there either, most ghost type Pokemon have a disturbing Pokedex entry to discover with most of them dealing with things that aren’t caught by the age group Nintendo originally made it for.

Screenshot (102)

Pokemon X Y- Game Trailer capture of Battle from Game Explain.

Fable II – Reaver’s Quest-line: 

Fantasy games seem to have a lot of creepy things thrown in and Fable is no exception. In Fable II, you encounter Reaver, who is one of the heroes you need to save the world. Reaver, however, has other plans and forces you to go on a quest to deliver a seal to the Shadow Court before he even thinks about helping you out with anything. As it turns out though, when you get to the end of the dungeon he sent you to, you find out that he’s in debt with the Shadow Court and Reaver likes to send someone every so often to get their youth sucked out in exchange for him staying young. Even for Fable it was pretty shocking to walk into a court of creepy youth sucking monsters and having to decide to either sacrifice an innocent woman or take punishment yourself.

There are many more games that gave me the spooks but these are the ones that I always remember the best. I also highly suggest trying out some of these games or levels if you need a good Halloween event to do by yourself or with friends. What about you guys though? What were some games or areas that made your skin crawl or surprised you? Let me know your gaming tales in the comments below. I’d love to hear your experiences!

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