I cannot tell you how excited I am for the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie! It comes out on my brother’s birthday, it’s our favorite superhero getting an actually decent movie and we are very excited! I will be wearing this Spider-Man look to the premier we’re going to and it’s not as complicated as one would think. Let’s get started!

First do your usual foundation, concealer, contour, etc, and don’t forget to prime your eyes! I took my primer higher than I normally would, up to my brow bone because of the space we will need for this shadow art.

Next take either a red lip liner or a red shadow and apply to your crease and brow bone, avoiding the lid. If you’re using lip liner, don’t forget to set it with a shadow over top of it, and you will need to blend it out at the edges so that it doesn’t look weird. Check out my 4th of July makeup tutorial for more on using lip liner as a shadow base!

After applying the red, choose a blue shadow. Using a flat brush, apply it to the lower lash line, making a wing at the end.

Then take a neutral shadow and apply it to the lid below the red. I used one a bit lighter than my lid color, but you can use whatever you’d like.

Next line your eyes making sure to follow the line of blue you made into a wing. You can learn this technique from this winged eyeliner tutorial.

And now for the AMAZING part: Before applying mascara, add white spider webbing on the red shadow.

To do this I took my white liner pen (and a steady hand) and drew lines going from the edge of my lid out to my eyebrow. I did this for however many I thought looked good then I drew curved horizontal lines connecting the vertical lines to make it look like a web.

After that I did mascara, and drew a spider on my cheek (see the star technique from the 4th of July tutorial) with eyeliner to complete the look! Spider is optional but obviously encouraged.

Have fun with this look and I hope every one enjoys the movie if you get to see it in theaters! No spoilers please!

What’s your favorite Spider-Man movie so far?