I am a huge music lover, and the only thing I love more than a good indie band is a geek band. So lately I have been seeking out some good geek music. And luckily there is a really good geek music scene, especially in Canada. We have some great bands.

debsanderrolOne of those geeky bands is a duo called Debs and Errol. Hailing from Toronto Ontario Canada, they write and sing a wide array of geeky music. Some are parodies and some are original songs. They also have a daily web comic which adds to their fun appeal. With parodies like Tie After Tie (about Star Wars) and Make It So (a Frozen parody about Star Trek) they show their quirky side and ability to capitalize on pop culture to hit a wider audience. I am a huge fan of theirs and think everyone should check them out at debsanderrol.com

wordburglarAnother fantastic geeky musician is Wordburglar, again out of Toronto. He is a nerdcore rapper, which just really means he raps about nerdy subjects. One song of his that I really like is Croque Monsieur, it’s not too full of geeky references but it does have a good beat behind it. He is picking up some steam with his career and I am seeing his name around more places on the net. And how fun is it to say Wordburglar? He can be found at wordburglar.com

pdxAnd lastly I wanna talk about PDX Broadsides, a geek folk music group out of Portland Oregon. Made up of a couple of ladies and one man, they have quite a few albums out. Some of their great songs include The Zombie Song (parody of If I Die Young), Schrodinger’s Cat, and even The Red Shirt’s Prayer. They have a great folky vibe but with some really great nerdy material in their lyrics. Their songs are fun to sing a long to, especially in the car on roadtrips. Check them out at thepdxbroadsides.bandcamp.com

That’s just a little taste of some great geek music out there. I am always on the lookout for new geeky music, so if you have any you would like to share please do so in the comments. Spread the geeky music word.