Hello, Iggles!

Two weeks ago, it started: Anime Friends 2015, the two-weekend event/convention for anime lovers, plus gamers and comic lovers too. I had talked a little about the event here. It was a delight to cover the events at Anime Friends for the IGGPPC this year, and it was pretty cool just to be there!

AF-day1 - 36

Yeah, that’s me on the left, with a red-shirt from Star Trek, on the very first day of the event. 😉

One of the coolest things is how people just go there to feature their cosplays of choice, and tons of people will ask to take pictures, etc; this is never boring! I noticed a lot of Jokers and Harley Quinns this year, as well as tons of cosplays of characters from games and comics in addition to those of anime; overall it was a great variety and a lot of people just having fun and a good time. There was a lot to see and a lot to do, and obviously I couldn’t see or do everything, but what I did, I enjoyed!

Anime Friends is the bigger event we have in São Paulo every year, which attracts not only anime lovers, but people who love playing RPG, card games, and lots of other events that are held during the six days of this con.

Awesome Jack and Sally Skellington

Awesome Jack and Sally Skellington

There were people playing first-hand the unreleased game Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 and other games, in addition to RPG and card games.

Star Wars represented in this exhibition of "troopers" and...

Star Wars represented in this exhibition of “troopers” and…

... cosplay!

… cosplay!

The Tokyo Ghoul manga was released as promised (and I totally bought it there), with a bookmark and a poster for those who bought it at Anime Friends.

AF-day1 - 43

There were activities for all tastes, and the one I personally liked the most was the talk by Reika and Kaname cosplayers. Both people were really cool, and replied to questions from the fans in addition to the ones previously asked by the organizers of the event. Reika sang and Kaname pretended he would sing, just to make fans have a good time. Each told us a little about their experiences being professional cosplayers. It was really nice to have both of them there talking to us in an open stage, and unlike last year when Reika came to Anime Friends, but her talk was in a closed space, thus restricting the access. Kudos for Yamato to put them in an open stage this year!

Here is the first part of their talk, and you can find the links to the other parts on the right on YouTube.

With both national and international attractions, Anime Friends has been drawing more and more fans to be united, enjoying themselves, cosplaying, buying anime-related things and also things related to games and other fandoms. The products for sale were varied and the prices had a wide range, so after looking around, one could buy some really good stuff – and on the last days the prices get a bit lower, and a lot of people were buying more things than in the first days.

 The Cosplayer Contests were also great, but one thing I have always liked about Anime Friends is how professional cosplayers or not, people just prepare their cosplay to have some fun there, and we can always take pictures with or of them. I am going to share some with you now:

This edition of Anime Friends was awesome, and I can’t wait for the Summer Edition of the event, Ressaca Friends.