As it goes in the great Circle of Iggles Lives, there are changes afoot! Sometimes our members must go on their own way and sometimes we induct new members into our ever growing family. The staff is here to present to you some updates at the glorious IGGPPC Headquarters.

Farewell to Emma!


Emma is taking a hiatus to focus on her art! We could not be more proud of Emma and the success she has had with her art. Between a feature in a very official wedding magazine, and an upturn of orders in her shop, she is taking a hiatus from Overlord duties to focus on her artwork. Congrats to her on her successes! Check out her Storenvy store here, or be sure to like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter for all the exciting updates on her artistic journey! Emma was head to House Quinn, and now our own Stewie will be filling her shoes as head of House Quinn, and Toasty will continue to oversee House Granger.

Hello to Kara and Joanna!


Kara and Joanna are officially being promoted to Ninjas! To fill the whole in our hearts left by the vacancy of Emma, we’ve officially promoted Kara aka Swap Master K (Camp Counselor Buffalo) to Ninja, and additionally brought on Joanna (Camp Counselor Mama Jo) as a Ninja as well. They will be teamed up with Sumsy, Valerie and Kim to do amazing Ninja things! That makes our headquarters 9 Iggles ready to tackle the amazingness that is the IGGPPC and bring you awesome everyday! Kara will be in charge of Swaps as aided by her Ninja Swaps Squadron, and the Ninjas will continue to perform epic Ninjas duties as always.

Be sure to shout a congratulatory word to Kara and Joanna on Twitter! Kara is @asdfghjkara and Joanna is @joannavolavka!