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I am so excited for this post – because, one, it includes a fantastic interview with an inspiring, creative lady and, two, there is an amazing giveaway for all our members!

Months ago, when we were brainstorming what companies to contact for possible giveaways and advertising opportunities, Shiro Cosmetics was at the top of our list! shirocosmetics

Shiro Cosmetics offers vegan, cruelty-free makeup which is made by hand in Portland, USA. And to top that off, the colours and makeup collections are all inspired and based on geeky and pop culture things. 

There’s a Pokemon, The Hobbit, Death Note, The Hunger Games, and an Avengers collection and so many more!

Caitlin, the founder of Shiro Cosmetics, was gracious enough to offer up a wonderful prize to one lucky winner and answered some questions from the HQ Team.


The Prize:

Miyazaki Tints Collection

All five of our Miyazaki-inspired tinted lip balms! Our new balm formula never goes grainy, and is flavored with delicious French Vanilla.”


A Girl and A Cat

sh1 sh2

It’s Called Love

s1 s2

Come Out, Come Out

s3 s4

Who Swallowed a Star

s5 s6

With Eyes Unclouded

Now onto our Q&A with Caitlin…

Thank you for taking the time to answer some of our questions. How did Shiro Cosmetics get started?

I started Shiro Cosmetics in 2010 with about 800 dollars and a broken arm. My son was just over one year old when I broke my left arm in a snowboarding accident, so my mom stepped in to help care for him and I suddenly found myself with more free time than usual. At about the same time, my son’s father finally paid me back for a large chunk of the hospital bills that he was supposed to help cover. I had been attempting to make money from home for a while in order to support my son without relying on babysitters, so clearly the thing to do was to start up a business, right?

I have always been fascinated with how makeup can change faces, and how people can decide to present themselves in an endless variety of ways based on their fashion and cosmetic choices. Makeup artistry had definitely interested me before, but transferring into beauty school was not an option for me at the time. Instead, I decided to use my bit of capital and excess free time to blend cosmetics of my own. I opened my shop on Etsy on April 30 of 2010 with a 15-piece eye shadow set inspired by Pokemon. Since then Shiro has grown wildly, quickly becoming my full-time job rather than just a side hobby.

Where do you take inspiration from?

I create collections inspired by my favorite things, which tend to be geek-related fandoms! We’ve done sets for a handful of video games, anime, and more recently TV shows and/or movies. Pokemon and Legend of Zelda were my first two sets, followed by a somewhat unpopular Portal collection that ended up being discontinued. Our next set (although I suppose it will be out by the time this interview is published) is Avengers in mid-June, then we’ll have a BBC Sherlock-inspired set of contouring powders for fall (those cheekbones doe).


The Complete Avengers Collection

What are your current top 5 geek loves?

I’ve started playing Wildstar and am finding it very fun so far, so that’s probably going to take up most of my free time for a while. HBO’s Game of Thrones adaptation is very impressive and I’ve been keeping up religiously. Dungeons and Dragons is always a good time but I haven’t had time to play recently, alas. The Pokemon franchise will always have a special place in my heart. Finally, Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicles are my favorite books and I’ve read the first two more than a dozen times while anxiously awaiting Doors of Stone. These loves are given in no particular order!

If you could have any pen pal, real or fictitious, who would it be and why?

Honestly, I’m terrible at back-and-forth written correspondence over long periods of time. I’m afraid I would break the pen pal streak and then be really ashamed and uncomfortable at the thought that I’d disappointed whoever I was writing… But for the sake of giving an answer, let’s say the show version of Oberyn Martell, so he could write me smut that I could read in his voice. Yes please.

You have to team up with a villain to take down some pesky do-gooders, who do you choose?

Do Pacific Rim kaiju count as villains? If so, one of those – not picky as to which, as long as it’s functional on land. If I can’t ride a kaiju, then I want to hang out with GLaDOS instead. I’m not sure how effective we’d actually be at shutting down the do-gooding operation but that’s okay.

What TV show/Comic/Book/Film or Video Game are you getting a kick out of this month?

One of my friends has finally been effective at making me read Watchmen, and once I got past the first two chapters I found it more interesting than I expected. Also, as previously mentioned, Wildstar. I’m a Mordesh engineer named Elthe (ELL-thay) on the Bloodsworn server. Maybe this will finally be the replacement for old WoW that everyone’s been searching for.

Do you have any advice for our iggles who might be interested in getting into homemade cosmetics and body products?

Homemade bath and beauty is fantastic and everyone should check it out! Tips for shopping: look at the turnaround time first and make sure you’re cool with it – many indie shops (including myself) can be a 2-week wait or longer if they make things to order. Since it’s summertime, be aware that things like lip balms, exfoliating scrubs, etc. may melt in transit but that’s fixable (ask the maker about the best way to reset it to normal if you’re unsure). Reputable shops should have ingredients listed somewhere for each product.

Some of my favorite shops are Haus of Gloi, Darling Clandestine, OHWTO, Black Violet, and Solstice Scents. I have a thing for indie perfumes…

A mad scientist leaves a universe jumper to you in their will, that will take you to any land real or fictional. Where is the first place you jump to?

I’d probably jump to the Pokemon universe first and catch a Vulpix and an Umbreon to be friends with me, assuming that I can bring them with me to other universes! I’d visit King’s Landing briefly in order to buy dresses, then leave before anything terrible happened. Would probably check out the land of Ooo at some point as well.

Favorite Quote

“Anyone can love a thing because. That’s as easy as putting a penny in your pocket. But to love something despite. To know the flaws and love them too. That is rare and pure and perfect.” -Patrick Rothfuss, The Wise Man’s Fear
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