Our newest feature from the fine feathered friends on the staff of the IGGPPC is our monthly Staff Picks! Staff picks are whatever we’re hot and heavy into that month. Maybe a book that just came out, a new TV show on Netflix, a game we can’t stop playing, an app, a comic book we can’t put down, or something we’ve bought this month that we just love – it’s whatever we’re into and what we want to share with you Iggles! So here’s the September staff picks from your wonderful hosts at the IGGPPC Headquarters.


1. Outlander [TV Show] (picked by Sumsy)
Outlander follows the story of 1940s former war nurse Claire who is transported back in time to 18th century Scotland. Also featured are the beautiful Scottish highlands and all the knit and tartan costume pieces I want in my life! It’s based on the books by Diana Gabaldon – which I haven’t read yet, but my coworkers have been trying to get me into for years!

2. Two Dots [App/Game] (picked by Kara)
iPhone games are a fun distraction when you’ve got mountains of reading looming before you! On a whim I downloaded Two Dots, and now I’m addicted! You solve puzzles by connecting dots of the same color together in order to clear the game board. Simple – and honestly, the cute graphics (two dot explorers in search of international adventure!) and the indie soundtrack are what keep me hooked. Also, I don’t wanna do my homework.

3. The Nordic Mug with Raccoon on it [Houseware] (picked by Toasty)
In my youth, we rescued raccoons and raised the tiny babies from a bottle. Ever since then, I have had an affinity for raccoons. When I saw this mug with the beautiful fall colors and adorable raccoons, I had to own it. Even the ceramic lid has a raccoon on it! It comes with a stainless steel infuser perfect for making a nice cup of tea. I named my raccoon Maple! <3

4. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Oils [Fragrance] (picked by Stewie)
At the Geekie Awards last month, I bumped into Chrissy Lynn a few times, who works for Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. She had graciously donated a vial of the BPAL oil for every seat at dinner. I snagged 2 vials – “Fallen” and “Ode on Melancholy” – both of which I am wild for. They definitely have a very new age musk to them, and the theme of the scents ranges from gothic and bewitching, to carnival, gypsy, geeky and gamer, and pirates! I can’t wait to try some new ones!

5. Trailer Park Boys [TV Show] (picked by Farquharson)
With the long awaited Season 8 now on Netflix, September for me is all about the adventures of Julian, Ricky and Bubbles in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park. It doesn’t take rocket appliances to know you should go watch it, worst case Ontario you blow your funny fuse.

6. Buffalo Wild Wings Sauce [Food] (picked by Valerie)
I made a special trip to Buffalo Wild Wings last week just to pick up some of their bottled sauces, & I am endlessly pleased with getting to cook with my favorite restaurant flavors at home! I bought the Spicy Garlic, Thai Curry, & Hot, & I’ve been serving them with shredded chicken tossed in rice folded into homemade torillas. It’s the perfect food for making any day feel special & cozy.

7. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell [Book] (picked by Sparkles)
I just finished the audio book of Eleanor & Park, and I have so many feels. And I’ve been left with wanting more. I’ve enjoyed other books by Rowell but Eleanor & Park has been my favourite. The two main characters made my heart swoon and also broke it over and over again.

8. Warehouse 13 [TV Show] (picked by Kim)
For those of you who loved Eureka, Warehouse 13 show is kind of like it’s quirky fantastical cousin. This story about a repository for the strange, dangerous, and mysterious is a great watch not only for it’s regular cast members (many of whom you will recognize from other shows) but also for the weekly guest cameos.

9. Star Wars Commander [App/Game] (picked by Joanna)
So, my pick is a game app for iPad. It’s called Star Wars Commander, and is a tap game along the lines of Clash of Clans. It’s fairly addictive but also the sort of thing you can play at your own pace with quests and the like. Plus (the selling point on any game for me), you don’t have to pay to play. Some games are free to download and quickly shift where you can’t progress without spending money, but with this one (so far, at least) you can eventually earn everything through patience. Purchases speed things up of course, but I’m all about patience.