Summer: Neko Atsume [iPhone App]

This is a cute Japanese cat collection game that I’m kind of obsessed with. Basically, you leave out food and toys and lots of cats some hang out in your yard. It’s customizable, so you can use sardines the cats leave to “buy” fancier food and toys and change what your background looks like. It’s just a fun soothing little game. I love checking in on my cats! Don’t speak Japanese? This helpful guide will help you navigate your way around the app.


Joanna: Pumpkin Beer [Consumable, For Of-Age Iggles Only]

Am I allowed to pick a beer for this? I’m not sure but I’m going to do it anyway. Most of the time I’m a glass of wine sort, but this time of year I love seasonal beers, especially if they are pumpkin! Unlike the “pumpkin spice” drinks you may see people go on about, pumpkin beer (and cider) is often made with actual pumpkin, has a delightful smell and will taste better than any other beer. At least, that’s my opinion. My favorite pumpkin brew is a local from back home called Cottonwood Pumpkin and it is like having a cold and refreshing pumpkin pie in a glass. I’ve made do with various substitutes as I’ve moved around the country, but that’s still my favorite.


Toasty: American Horror Story: Asylum Doctor Dress [Dress]

I’m not usually someone that gets excited about a dress, but Hot Topic released their American Horror Story line and I am in love with their Asylum Doctor Dress. The print and style make me want to spend all my pennies right now! This is why I should stay off the internet. It’s available for pre-order right now on Hot Topic’s website!


Kimberlee: BB-8 [This Holiday Season’s Tickle Me Elmo]

No, I don’t NEED an adorable small remote controlled droid from the Star Wars universe. Except for he’s the cutest little thing ever and I could use my phone to make him move and he could pass me things on the table and then go to work with me and then probably be my new best friend. Right? So technically it’s a completely legitimate purchase, because while money can’t buy me love, they never said it couldn’t buy me a new bff.


Rosa: Brooklyn Nine-Nine [TV Show]
The Danish Netflix selection is ridiculous(ly bad), and I was pretty sure I’d seen all the good stuff they offered. Then up popped Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I decided to give it a go, because I saw that Wet Hot American Summer’s Joe Lo Truglio was in it, but I didn’t really expect much. I’m so glad I did! It’s really funny, the dialogue is great, and the characters are all amazing in their own way. I definitely recommend giving it a watch. P.S. I could watch scenes with Gina all day.


Jen: You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost): A Memoir by Felicia Day [Book]

I recently listened to this audio book and it was so good. First of all, Felicia Day narrates the audio book herself so it’s extremely entertaining and captivating since she was able to insert a lot of emotion into it since it’s her own memoir. But the book itself was very enjoyable. Her stories about growing up, getting into gaming, and her honesty about her career and projects was really interesting.


Farquharson: Rick and Morty [TV Show]

As you may have gathered by now I am a sucker for dark, left field comedy with cynical, hideously flawed characters and Rick and Morty is no exception. From the grey matter of Dan Harmon (Community) and Justin Roiland (the voice of LEMONGRAB) follow mad, alcoholic scientist Rick as he drags his grandson Morty around the multiverse. This animation will have you howling with laughter then kick you straight in the feels, every damn time.


Stewie: Pokémon Go! [App]

It’s real-world Pokémon! This game might not be coming out until 2016, but the excitement is real. I’m long-time fan of Pokémon (and proud owner of a Jiggly Puff tattoo) and also a fan of Niantic labs (a Google project), creators of the very fun Ingress game. Pokémon Go sounds like it will be similar to Ingress in that it will use your GPS location to show you where you are and show you if you’re close to some Pokémon! It looks like it also incorporates some type of neat Pokéball bracelet that emulates throwing your Pokéball to capture a Pokémon. I am really looking forward to the social aspect as well, including trading with fellow Pokémon masters and going on Pokémon hunting missions with my friends! I also love the fact that it’s a game that encourages you to get away from the computer and off the couch and go for a walk. Traveling and a bit of exercise is always goood! I for one am going to scour the planet to catch them all!