In honor of International Sailor Scout Day we have decided to combine our love of magical girls with some cool refreshments. Luckily for those up all night fighting evil by moonlight, these actually take little time and are super simple.  We stuck to the core team but feel free to share your ideas about the other scouts!


To start, you’re going to need sugar, water, fizzy water (club soda, seltzer, even mineral water works) and a fruit juice for each scout. You can use whatever sounds right and is available to you, but below is our ideas. Sometimes we stay true to a color scheme, listed favorite foods and what sounds like a match. We mostly have fresh fruit but after going through the time consuming effort of juicing everything without a proper juicer we would recommend getting as much as possible pre-juiced. 
Sailor Moon/Usagi: Favorite food? Ice cream of course! As well as cake and anything sweet really. Usagi is a peach soda to us. The adorable pink fruits remind us vaguely of the shape of her hair buns and Sailor Moon fits a peaches and cream dessert-sweet, simple, and bursting with flavor. We added just a touch of honey for some extra sweetness.
Sailor Chibi Moon/Mini Usagi: Also an ice cream lover with her mom’s sweet tooth. We decided on a strawberry soda, because Small Lady reminds us of a cute little strawberry shortcake! We added a little vanilla too, for a bit more of a cake flavor.

Sailor Jupiter/Makoto: Cherry pie is her favorite, so of course we stuck to it with a cherry soda. We also thought green apple would fit for a tomboy with a domestic side if cherry isn’t your favorite.

Sailor Mars/Rei: Yeah, we weren’t recreating Rei’s favorite fugu, pufferfish, anytime soon. Instead, we turned to mythology inspired by the pet ravens she keeps named Phobos and Deimos. It comes from the moons of Mars but also a scary bit of Greek mythology. That in mind we chose the slightly exotic pomegranate with a cool but tart flavor to it for Sailor Mars.
Sailor Venus/Minako: Her favorite food is curry, a bit of a challenge for a soda flavor! We decided to use cantaloupe. It’s a delicious summer fruit with that lovely gold orange color. Perfect for lounging on the beach or refreshing after a hard game of volleyball. Cantaloupe is also a bit hard to describe, you can’t really compare it to other melons but you know it belongs with the other summer fruit.
Sailor Mercury/Ami: Ami likes sandwiches because they’re quick and easy to make since she has more important things to do. Cucumber and lemon was the natural choice then, as we chanted ‘cool as a cucumber’ in the grocery store.

These are all our ideas, feel free to act on them or come up with your own. Half the fun of this project was brainstorming and we want to hear what you think!

The Recipe

The recipe itself is super easy to do!

  1. Making a simple syrup- add equal amounts of water & fruit juice to two parts sugar. So for example, we used half a cup of juice and half a cup of water to one full cup of sugar. How much you use depends on how much soda you want and how strong. I like to add about a tablespoon to my glass of soda but Lauren likes closer to two.
  2. To start, after you’ve gotten everything in juice form, add your water, juice, and sugar. Bring to a boil. Then turn down the heat and let simmer, until about half the liquid has reduced. Some syrups may take longer than others. Cucumber simmered very quickly but for some reason pomegranate was stubborn. It’ll be okay if there’s some trial and error!
  3. Pour into containers and refrigerate until cool. Be careful pouring, simple syrups get really hot.
  4. You’re ready to enjoy your soda! Just spoon in as much syrup as you’d like into a glass of your chosen fizzy water. Bonus points for shouting your favorite scouts signature attack, costume change or whatever.

Here’s all of our ingredients to be juiced:


Fun fact: juicing a cherry is way harder and more frustrating than it sounds! It also takes a LOT of cherries, even for a tablespoon. Worth it though we swear. On the right is everything we needed to put in the pot for Jupiter’s soda. The process is roughly the same for everyone so don’t worry, it would be tedious to watch us make all of them!



Isn’t it lovely? It’s hard to tell from the photo, but trust us, it’s thicker than water at least. Like we said earlier some things syrup and juice easier than others. As long as it’s syrup-like, count it as a win! Let’s fast forward to the end, after we’ve made all the syrups up and put them in lovely jars for easy storage.

And what it it looks like mixed with the soda water!


We sampled Chibi Usa and Usagi’s first and they tasted great! It’s fun to try soda flavors you can’t find in stores. It’s also a blast to make, even if while trying to figure out how to juice a peach we got a little loopy. We cheated and bought pomegranate juice, no chance we were going to take that one on ourselves.

Happy summer iggles, until next time have fun!

Art by Anthro7 on Deviant Art

What Sailor Scout and fruit combination would you make for a soda? We’ve done the inner Senshi – what about the outer Senshi? Leave a comment!