I still don’t know the characters’ names other than Agent Coulson. I’ve also got no idea what their roles are, with the exception of the British pair. They seem to be the scientific brains of the operation, akin to Abby and McGee on NCIS, with a side of Q from James Bond. Fitz and Jemma are their names, apparently. I’ve seen them work mostly with computers, although there was some chemical lab work in the first episode.

Skye(no last name) is a hacker, a loose cannon, and by Coulson’s designation, a consultant like Tony Stark. Those are some big shiny shoes to fill. Plus, if she’s just a hacker, I’m still unsure of her place on the team. I’m not sure Coulson even knows.

There’s Agent Melinda May(played by Ming-Na) who came out of retirement. She was apparently pretty bad ass because she’s got nerves of steel. Plus, she can take on a couple of military commandos on at the same time. I’m curious about the reason she wants to be behind a desk instead of out in the field when she’s awfully good at kicking butt. Her nickname is The Cavalry! I find that kind of awesome. She’s the quiet but deadly type.

Agent Grant Ward calls himself threat assessment. “I was trained to be the whole solution,” he says. He comes across as a preppie, button-down kind of guy. Maybe a little OCD, even.

The mobile command center is dubbed The Bus. How can you call something like that a BUS? C’mon people! You like acronyms. Let’s give it something good. Any suggestions, Geek Girls?

And an 0-8-4? Well, the last one was a hammer.

**Spoilers Ahead**

The team’s in Peru, at what looks like an archaeological dig. I can’t tell if this 0-8-4 has come from outer space and landed in this pyramid or if it’s been there for years and has just been discovered/rediscovered. While extricating it, commandos show up. After Ward and May fight into a standoff, it turns out that their leader is a former paramour of Coulson’s. They band together to get away from a third party and hop on the plane.

Wow, go Coulson! Your ex is a hottie. Why wait so long and let her get the jump on you? You knew she was getting ready to betray you, and you kept talking. Now it’s a team-building exercise, too? That kind of makes you come across as being a manipulative genius, like you already have everything that’s going to happen planned out in your head and all the potential

Love the reference to Hydra, the secret Nazi Research Department headed by Red Skull in the first Captain America movie. Could this be the bad guys’ team that I’m expecting?

Activating an unknown device that you only know has something to do with gamma radiation sounds pretty dumb to me! I am a big fan of suspension of disbelief, but I don’t quite buy plugging a big hole (made by the aforementioned unknown device!) in the side of a plane with an inflatable raft.

NICK FURY for the win! In the back of my mind, I’m waiting for him to say something about the snakes on the plane…

I have to say that I was still disappointed. I want to know what the team’s mission is. Are they the next X-Files team, trying to explain the inexplicable? Are they more like Warehouse 13, investigating objects of unknown origin? Are they just going to go wherever Coulson points them? Do they even have a specific mission or are they just a crisis intervention team?

The action was good, the team’s becoming cohesive, but it hasn’t come together yet. I’m not sure what it’s missing, other than Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk, Hawkeye, Captain America and Black Widow. Why can’t we make a TV show with those guys?