It’s time for our last Roswell Rewatch!

On Parts 1 and 2 of the Roswell Rewatch, Rosa, Shellie, Steena, and myself allowed ourselves to go back in time and enjoy one of the The WB’s (and later UPN’s) most overlooked shows about teenagers with otherworldly problems. As Jason Katim’s alien dramedy romantic science fiction show wrapped we said goodbye to aliens we know and love.
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What Surprised You on Rewatch?

Graduation Isabel Evans Jesse Ramirez

My defensiveness of Jesse during the finale. I was NOT a big fan of Jesse when I watched this the first time or even the second time. I loved Isabel and Alex and I loved the idea of Isabel and Kyle. I STILL love Isabel and Kyle as an option and am sad that didn’t work out. Simultaneously, as a married woman, I am horrified that Jesse just gets left behind at the end of this show.
First off, that’s a horrible example of marriage but also, WHY THE HELL DID HE GET LEFT BEHIND?! That poor man has been wrung through the wringer over and over, before and after he learned their secret. He’s been nothing but loyal, he’s a great husband, a great guy and he wants to be with his wife. So…why is Isabel just leaving him behind?
As a teenager, I didn’t feel like Jesse deserved to be part of the traveling troupe, he hadn’t been through everything like they had. He wasn’t there from the beginning. Now, I cannot think of a reason why he shouldn’t be allowed to stay with his wife.

KAtherine Heigl Adam Rodriguez Emile De Ravin

I completely forgot what happened most of this season so there were a lot of surprises for me. I was mostly surprised though by how quickly everything was wrapped up. Even huge happenings like Tess coming back with the baby only took 1 episode.
I was mostly surprised at how much I liked this season. It was a little hard for me to get through the second season, so I was not overly excited to get started on the third.
I was also surprised at how little of Tess we see – in my memory she played just as big a role in this season, but it turned out the only thing I thought I remembered from season 3 didn’t happen at all, because she was barely there.
Isabel’s wedding. When I was in 8th grade or so and this episode aired I remember arguing with my friend Laura about how great the episode was because of the wedding. About 13 years later I realize Laura was right. This episode was weird and the wedding was so out of the blue for Isabel and for us as viewers.

What Seemed Outdated?

Jason Behr Shiri Appleby The WB

This season seemed the least dated despite being 12 years old. I noticed a lot of spaghetti straps?
I think Max’s bad boy look in the beginning of the season with the highlighted hair and whatnot was the most dated thing I noticed. I couldn’t stop laughing about it.
Apparently they decided to go with a new “sexy” style for this season, because it changed networks – what’s considered sexy on a teenage-SciFi-drama-show in 2002 definitely seems outdated (and hilarious, at times).
This is such a random memory. TV Guide did a tiny piece about the fashion of Roswell and how Liz was now dressing a lot sexier because she was ready to have sex with Max. I found it on 
Crashdown! ALSO, Liz’s wedding dress. Crop top and skirt? So not Liz! It’s actually very Maria (see the Prom photo in this post)!

What Part Was the Most Nostalgic/Gave You All the Feels?

Max Isabel Evans Liz Parker Kyle Valenti

Tale of Two Parties

These opening credits are my favorite of the three. The alien hieroglyphics that turn into the actor names for the alien characters was genius.
The Ivy song played during Isabel and Jesse’s wedding and the Ash song at the end of the finale. To this day, I love these songs. I’ve been singing them all week.
ALL of the New Year’s Episode. I’ve always been a fan of the Kyle and Isabel ship, which this episode touches on. I also loved the very offbeat pairings and character development that comes out of this episode.
The New Year’s episode has been and always will be one of my favorites so I definitely had all of the feels from that one. I love everything about it. They all wake up with the wrong people and you get to go back and see this ridiculous night where everyone is not with their usual partners and its great to see these other relationships. I am also all aboard the Isabelle and Kyle ship.
To be honest, I almost didn’t remember anything from this season at all, so I felt like everything was new to me. But in the very last episode we see Valenti in his sheriff-outfit again, and I loved that!
So… I was waiting for Jesse to find out about Isabel and in my mind it was a completely different scene… because I mixed it up with an episode of 
Charmed. Luls! Also, for some reason, I feel like people said “I swear” a lot more often then.

What Are Your Favorite Quotes?

Nick Wechsler Brendan Fehr WB UPN

“Without your dreams, you’re just me.” Ouch. This quote comes from the episode where Maria’s teenage boyfriend is visiting. Maria is lamenting to Liz about how they’ve gotten sucked into this whole Alien thing and left their dreams behind. Liz freely admits that she’s given up her personal dreams. Harvard, scientist, she’s ready to follow Max to the end of the world. It broke my heart hearing her say this.
“Modesty prevents me from taking a bow.” Michael in Graduation.
“I don’t put dairy products in my meat sauce. It’s not kosher.” Michael to Maria in episode 8. So random that Michael knows this!
“You did a really good job max” Liz to Max when he shows her the drawing Samuel gave him in episode 9.
“So Michael’s the boss man, think he’ll offer a benefits plan?” Kyle to the group in episode 15.

Who Are Your Favorite or Least Favorite Characters?

Kyle Jim Valenti Tess Harding

I always go back to Kyle but, as mentioned above, I was surprised to find myself feeling protective of Jesse. I am sad to say that I fell out of love with Maria this season. While I remain attached to Michael, I just felt like Maria was giving him a raw deal throughout. She keeps wanting him to be this person he’s not and then she dumps him, but sleeps with him and then wants him back again. I don’t know, she just felt less and less like the Maria I was proud of in former seasons.
I LOVE Kyle in this season. He wins everything. I feel like they finally really found their groove with him and everything he did and said was wonderful. Surprisingly Maria annoyed me a lot but I think that was because her and Michael breaking up but not breaking up and just going back and forth was awful. Also, her selling out on her song was something I never saw her doing in a million years and it rubbed me as super out of character.
For good measure I have to say it because she was in 1 episode, I hate Tess.
My favourites are pretty steady throughout all the seasons. I love Michael and Maria (even though I liked her a lot less in this season), Kyle and Valenti.
My least favourite this season was probably Isabel, which actually surprised me, but she just got on my nerves all of a sudden, and like Steena I did not get her reasons for leaving Jesse behind in the end. And Max, of course. I will never be a Max Evans-fangirl.
The Valentis and Michael are my favorites. Can’t think of any least favorites at the moment. Maybe Isabel and Jesse for not standing his ground more.

Side Notes

This season keeps trying to convince us these kids are still in high school while also having them go about doing adult things “college, working real jobs, getting married, having former boyfriends stay at their house when their mom is out of town” Maria has told us that she was 13 four years ago like 8 times and I still don’t buy it. Terrible role models, married at 19, dropped out of high school, running from the law, etc. In the New Year’s episode they walk into the college party and I struggle to remember that they are younger than college age.
Liz knows Max is dead. It’s a common fiction trope, but this was my first experience of it and I still kind of believe it?

Sherrif Jim Valenti Jeff Parker

The Parents

When discussing the earlier seasons we’ve all noticed how very uninvolved these parents are in these kids’ lives. Until this season, that is, when all of them suddenly decided to take an interest, and it just seemed super weird. Oh, except Maria’s mom – where did she go?
I felt like the whole Tess/Baby/Human/Adoption solution was a very easy way to resolve that story. Like the writers just changed their minds about the whole thing or didn’t know what else to do with it. Is it possible they would have done things differently if the show hadn’t been canceled? Maybe they did have plans for this storyline but had to end it like that for practical reasons, so they could wrap everything up. I really don’t know, I just know I didn’t like the way it was handled.
A bunch of random little things. (1) The other Nasedo/guardian’s name is Kal. Like Kal El. (2) I never realized Max (Jason Behr) looked like Tom Cruise. It is spot on! (3) Why was a successful lawyer hiding a board full of clues to figure out his son’s “secret” with a huge post it that says “What is Max’s Secret?” Come on man! (4) The reporter friend wore a hat like he was in Dick Tracy? (Steena and Shellie pointed out that this was to help it tie in with the Bewitched theme of the episode.) (5) So in episode 16 Michael can suddenly shapeshift? (6) Taran Killam was the creep who was trying to hook up with Tess.

Favorite Season?

Colin Hanks Science Fiction

I think I love all three but for different reasons. Season 1 because of the character development. Season 2 has the best single non-plot arc episodes. Season 3 has the best credits and I really do feel like that last episode is one of the best series finales ever.
Storywise I preferred the third season, I felt like it really found the right balance between drama and sci-fi here. But if I were to rewatch some episodes again, I would probably pick the first season, for purely nostalgic reasons.
Season 1 has nostalgic benefits, but the sappy-ness makes me dislike it. Season 2 had so much going on, we saw a feisty Liz, a really bad death, and loads of science fiction plots. Season 3 has to be my favorite. It finally got a good groove on mixing the human (emotional) and alien (science fiction) parts of the plots. So many characters got to shine in their own arcs and it was just a shame. Why do all of Jason Katim’s shows* end before anyone wants them to?

*Roswell, Friday Night Lights, Parenthood! The list goes on…

Bonus Note: Since we lost two tracks for this podcast episode we missed a lot of good nuggets that came up through natural conversation. One of them was Steena and Rosa’s theory that every person Max or Michael healed would become somewhat Alien including Sherriff Valenti and… that entire hospital of children from season 2. Spinoff anyone?

Thanks to this forum thread we got together and really had a blast rewatching and recording some episodes. We’ve had so much fun we’re doing some more rewatches. Stay tuned for Steena’s post about our upcoming schedule!

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