It’s time for part two of this Roswell Rewatch!

Last time,  Rosa, Shellie, Steena, and myself gabbed about the four aliens that revealed themselves to a select few and started causing all sorts of trouble in the little old town of Roswell, New Mexico. This time, the secret is getting harder to keep as different alien factions are beginning to antagonize the Royal Four and their human buddies.

What Surprised You on Rewatch?

STEENA: I don’t remember ever thinking it the first time I watched Roswell, but feel like with every subsequent rewatch I notice more and more how quickly Season 2 becomes hyper sci-fi. Everything from Max having to age the bones at the university to the Granilith etc. etc. Of course, it’s expected we’ll find out more about the alien origins but a highly character and relationship driven show suddenly swings almost entirely to the other side. It’s almost jarring though I do remember an interview (maybe a DVD commentary) where Shiri Appleby and Majandra Delfino talk about the WB wanting Roswell to keep up with then vastly popular Buffy and Angel.

HADAS: What really surpised me, now that I think about it after recording this episode, is how rushed the ending was. We got the crumbs throughout about Alex going away and then SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER dying in a car crash… but that we only find out everything about Tess at the very end of the season finale was surprising. I guess because it was such a sad moment for me I remembered it and was anticipating it.

SHELLIE: I honestly think I forgot most of the story line from this season from my last rewatch. I tend to do that. I think what I found the most surprising was how quickly I fell out of love with Max and Liz. I don’t believe I have ever experienced this with this show until now, or with any other show for that matter. I just realized I don’t really watch this for the main characters.

End of the World (left) and Heart of Mine (right)

Max and Liz’s relationship changed in both End of the World (left) and Heart of Mine (right)

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What Reference Seems Outdated?

STEENA: This season seemed less dated – less pop culture references in general? Perhaps because they’re dealing more with the Antarian stuff. Isabel wears a lot of leather though, that seems like an early 00’s thing. Side note on the clothes: Liz’s floral carpetbag jacket? What is that?!

HADAS: Oof. I think the most outdated thing is that the New Yorker dupes were styled really stereotypically. They looked like caricatures of what a punk should be paired with a rebellious teen stigma and very very bad New York accents. Wait until I talk about one of my “favorite” quotes.

SHELLIE: I agree there were far more pop culture references this season, and the fashion is decidedly more early 2000’s than late 90’s. Can we talk about Maria’s gorgeous white prom dress and flower crown? I could live happily in that dress. Forever.

Summer of 47

Summer of ’47

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What Part Was the Most Nostalgic/Gave You All the Feels?

STEENA: Season 2 has some really fun individual filler episodes, things that have nothing to do with the plot really – “Summer of ‘47” and “Viva Las Vegas” come to mind. “End of the World,” while being sappy beyond belief, remains my favorite episode ever. There’s something infinitely nostalgic to me about having to give up the person you love, not even just not being with them, but making them actively love someone else. Though, as pointed out by my husband (who is half watching along), “couldn’t they just be nicer to Tess? Does she have to BE with Max for her to stay?”

HADAS: Nelly Furtado. That was so The WB also. Charmed had a permanent, easy to customize, place for new music because the sister’s owned a club, but Roswell found its way to good promotion opportunities too. I’m Like a Bird is such a great reminder of the time. If we’re talking strictly nostalgic of the show, it had to be the revelation that Tess is a supreme jerk and murderer. It was devastating but not as juicy as I felt it could be.

SHELLIE: I love love love the “Viva Las Vegas Episode.” I remember imagining just having a ton money like that to blow and all the things my silly teenaged brain wanted to buy. Ugh so bad. I love “Meet the Dupes” Probably one of my all time favorite episodes. I love the bad versions of the Aliens. I have a soft spot for villains and I loved the darker versions of the characters.

What Are Your Favorite Quotes?

STEENA: Both my favorite quotes come from the same episode. Liz decides to tell Maria about the whole Future Max situation.
The first is just classic best-friend speak. I don’t know about anyone else, but my best friend and I had conversations like this…
LIZ: Look, we need to talk in person.
MARIA: It’s 3:00 in the morning.
LIZ: Please, Maria.
MARIA: Where?
LIZ: The place by the thing that we went that time with what’s-her-name.
MARIA: I’m there. Bye.

The second is my favorite only in how horrible it is. Did anyone else notice there’s quite a bit of sex shaming in this season?
MARIA: No. I’m so sorry that I got so mad. I should have known that it was, you know, an alien thing. Are you still a virgin?
LIZ: Yeah.
LIZ: Ok.
MARIA: Yeah. So am I!
LIZ: Virgins! (They high-five here. Oof.)

HADAS: Ooh boy. Are you ready for this?
First Quote:
We start the season with Isabel having strange dreams or flashbacks, we’re not sure, where she is saving Tess from some sort of danger. In those heated dangerous moments she finds Tess and screams “Tess, don’t die on me now!” Oh dear. I cracked up. So. Much. Drama.

Second Quote:
The Dupes to one another, can’t remember who said what to whom. Dupe A “Start spreading the news” Dupe B “We’re leaving today!”
Please stop. So much corn. I don’t know if you know this, guys? All New Yorkers quote things related to New York all the time. We eat pizza every day and live in the sewers and love bagels with lox, and go to Broadway every weekend. Stereotype rant over. I promise I’m calm, it was just too much corn for me to handle. Haha.

Third Quote:
Maria’s Mom to Sean: “Are you a criminal or not!?”
Love that woman. It was her first appropriate reaction to that hostage situation.

From “Viva Las Vegas”
Maria : Do you know where I was tonight? I was auditioning to be a stripper. Little innocent me.
Michael : Did you get the job?

From “It’s Too Late and It’s Too Bad”
Michael (to Maria): We’ve been through some rough stuff lately. The thing is, you’re right. I can’t really imagine it happening, but I am gonna leave someday. It could be a year, or 2, or 50. But I’m gonna leave. It sucks. It’s the choice we made to be together. But there is one thing that I can promise you, and that is that I can give you now.

Spoiler Alert: At the end of the season, 2 from the group were gone.

Spoiler Alert: At the end of the season, 2 from the group were gone.

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Who Are Your Favorite or Least Favorite Characters?

STEENA: I was surprised by my favorites this time around:
Ava. I never paid too much attention to her last time around, other than her freaking awesome hair. But given what we know about Tess, I found myself wondering if Tess/Ava got mixed up – maybe Ava is the more human one and her DNA mix got put into the wrong set of pods. Maybe Tess was the too-alien dupe that ought to have gone to New York.
Maria’s Mom. She’s the only parent to be given an active role and shown to be involved in her teenager’s life. But at the same time, she’s just remarkably even-keeled and understanding. She’s protective of Maria but allows Maria to go off to Arizona with Michael. She stands up for Jim Valenti when he’s going through his job problems. She’s just a really good person.

My dislikes are less surprising:
Max and Liz became a struggle for me to like this watch through. Teenage me was devoted to Max/Liz and their destiny. This time I paid more attention to how quickly Max takes up the leadership mantle – he becomes pretty insufferable almost immediately. And this is the season where Liz’s Mary-Sue really shines. In the whole struggle with Alex’s death, she’s just beastly to everyone. Of course, she’s right which makes it “ok” in the end but she’s just awful, especially to Maria.
I come out of season 2 with mixed emotions about Isabel. I still love her because she’s Isabel, but I found her very off-putting this season. She’s obsessed with relationships – other peoples and her own (or lack thereof). She keeps getting involved and mixing herself up in other people’s love affairs. And then she throws herself at all these older guys – WAY older guys. It’s very uncomfortable. I’m also not too keen on her treatment of Alex.

HADAS: Not much changed from last season. Alex is still the best part of an episode for me and my love for Michael grew stronger. Maria’s mom was a hoot as usual and I grew colder about Max and Liz. What I did like was that Liz was absolutely firm and determined about Alex and didn’t let anyone stand in her way. I certainly see what Steena is saying, and that’s true, but I liked how she stood up to Max and told him she wasn’t under his jurisdiction. Must have stung.

SHELLIE: I love Michael and Maria. I think they were always the draw for me. I still love them now for some of the same and different reasons as I did before. (Also, Maria’s hair this season is amazing.) The way their relationship develops still makes me all swoon. I mean, come on, he took dance lessons for her. As a teenager that made my heart melt. As an adult with a husband who rarely dances with her I really appreciate it because its special. I love that no matter what is going on and even though they know they probably can’t or won’t be together forever they decided to just live in the now.
I hate Tess. I think there are a lot of obvious reasons for this not worth getting into because why beat a dead horse. The one thing that really drives me over the edge with her is how her actions affect Kyle and the Sheriff. They took her in and they made her a part of their family. They are the only characters in that show that showed me a side of Tess that made her remotely likable. I loved it when Kyle called her his sister and when she tried to fix up the Valenti with Maria’s mom. But no go, she is awful. She is the worst.
This is where I really begin to dislike Max and Liz. I really like them in season one. This season I am waiting for them to get off of the screen. Especially during the whole Alex thing where Liz is just really insane about the whole thing. I find it really hard to take her seriously and I find myself getting angry with her for how she is treating the people around her. Max is also a colossal jerk throughout this season in my eyes. I thought it was a real shift from his character in the previous season and not one I liked. The way he is with Isabel about their past which literally none of them even had any memory of. Like seriously come on! I loved their crazy romance and all of the drama with it when I was younger but now they just annoy me.

Side Notes

HADAS: For the podcast version of this Roswell Recap with Rosa and Hadas, click here!

STEENA: I had this strange conspiracy theory thought – so Tess reveals that Nasedo struck a deal with Kavar years ago to have Tess hand over the Royal Three and Max/Zan’s child. In this timeline, Liz figures it out and mostly saves the day and blahdeblah. But presumably that deal exists in the Future Max timeline as well – only this time Max is never with Tess, he chose Liz. So Tess leaves. So what if Future Tess betrays them as well? Future Max might not even know – he only says that Tess left Roswell and he assumes that they lost because she wasn’t there to complete their unit. Maybe Future Tess brought the war to them. *puts on tin foil hat*

We had a great time watching season 1 of this sci-fi teen angst romance drama comedy etc… Check back next month for our season 3 wrap up and, if you want to watch along, leave us a note in the forum thread.

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