October 6th, 2014 marks the 15th anniversary of the premiere of Roswell. The sci-fi teen drama originally aired on The WB and chronicled the lives of three alien survivors of the 1947 crash, living as normal teens in modern Roswell, New Mexico. They were in like incubation pods for a long time and came out of the pods in the 1980’s looking like normal six-year olds. It’s a whole thing, just go with it. Anywhoodle, a group of Iggles decided to get together and do a rewatch or a first watch, as the case may be, and discuss a season per month. This post is the first of a three-part series, as Iggles experience and relive all the feels of the three season series. Join us as we head back to Roswell, remembering that it all began because a boy loved a girl…

What Surprised You on Rewatch?

ROSA: I remember the show as being rather realistic (or as realistic as a show about Aliens in High School can be), in the sense that I felt like the characters or storylines were never overly dramatic. Which strikes me as incredibly funny now, because boy, the drama! I wasn’t as invested in the characters this time, because of this; a lot of the dramatic and emotional events (or: the lovefest between Liz and Max) were just funny instead (although I would also have to say that now, so many years later, it’s part of the charm). With that said, the actors do a pretty good job making it as believable as possible, and I did find myself being pulled into the story most of the time. Although the cringeworthiness of the episode “Sexual Healing” reached a whole new level. Ha ha, I could barely watch this. Kept thinking about how ridiculous it must have been for Shiri and Jason to go to work that day.

STEENA: I’m echoing Rosa here but my eyes almost fell out of my head I was rolling them so much. I remember swooning at the romantic scenes between Max and Liz – the “What’s so great about normal?” quote was the epitome of true love to my teenage sensibilities. And now? Gag. It was all so over the top.

HADAS: I haven’t watched this since I was 13. I may have a seen a rerun or so on SyFy closer to this year, but whoa it has been a while. How cringe-y it was! It was def meant for teens because I ate it up. Sexual Healing was the cringe-iest, porniest episode ever. Very very WB. Also that Tess was brought in, in season 1. Sheriff Valenti still scares me.

SHELLIE: I have rewatched Roswell within the last five years. I guess that is recent, I do not know. I find myself feeling a little different about it on this rewatch.
I forgot just how fast everything happens. Michael and Maria hooking up happened a lot sooner in season 1 than I remember. I completely forgot Alex and Isabel dated in season 1. I didn’t think that happened until season 2. I also always forget about Tess. For some reason, I think that storyline happens much later and it always catches me by surprise. I was also surprised by how bad all of these kids are at lying or at least their characters are. Especially Liz! Every time she lies to someone, I just start laughing because of her serious face. If this were reality and they had to rely on lying to stay alive, they would be screwed.

What Reference Seems Outdated?

ROSA: I’m pretty sure there are like a million references I don’t even catch because I’m not American, so I’ll leave this question for the rest of you.

STEENA: There are lots of outdated references. Some of the themes, teenage angst and drama are timeless, but brick cell phones and Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle” are decidedly 90’s.

HADAS: 1. When Isabel asks Maria if she’s dreaming of Ricky Martin in the shower. Hahaha!
2. Maria says “Queer assignment,” is that rude or just Maria using it as the originally intended meaning?3. HAHAHAHAHAH at the end of season one when we get that random cameo from Howie of BSB

Howie of BSB makes an appearance!

Howie of BSB makes an appearance!

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SHELLIE: I’m pretty sure there was a Ricky Martin reference by Isabel that made me laugh. Can we talk about the clothes and make up? Was wearing glitter out on a date really a thing and gold shimmery lipstick? I remember wearing all of these things, but they make me cringe when I see them on TV now. So many short shirts and clunky shoes to be seen everywhere. And Alex’s super baggy pants I love them.

What Part Was the Most Nostalgic/Gave You All the Feels?

ROSA: Everything about The Crashdown Café! I remember wanting so badly to work at place like that when I grew up. I am so in love with their uniforms and menu-specials.
And also, just watching the intro again. So, so good. The song itself is obviously amazing, but the whole mood and atmosphere is just spot on!

STEENA: Surprisingly, a lot of the music. Majandra Delfino, as her character Maria, covers Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight”. Lots of Dave Matthews Band. ACTUAL Save Ferris singing “Let Me In” in Alex’s dream.
Nostalgia definitely clicked in when I started remembering all the fandom nicknames from fanfiction pairings. Alex & Isabel are Stargazers, Max & Liz fans are Dreamers, Michael & Maria are Candy, etc.

HADAS: The theme song. Sorry, but it’s such a strong connection to that time in my life too because I bought that cd and became a huge fan of Dido. On a similar note, some of the music like “Crash Into Me” brought a lot of feels.

SHELLIE: Liz’s rooftop/balcony is it for me. Long before Roswell I dreamed of living above a restaurant my parents owned and having the most amazing bedroom with a balcony. When Roswell started, Liz had the life I wanted, minus the alien drama. Every time she is up there writing, I can just remember locking myself in my room with candles and moody music and scribbling all of my hopes and desires away in whatever journaI I had at the time. Liz Parker was my soul sister when I was a teen.

What Are Your Favorite Quotes?

ROSA: I think my favorite will always be when Liz asks Max where he is from, and he points up; “Up North?”. Because that’s when I first fell in love with this show.

STEENA: I have lots but I fell in love all over again with Maria’s quippy one-liners. “Pull a U-ey?! Liz, we’re in a Jetta!”“Well, you’re not the alternative they’re going to choose.”“It’s like the porno version of Aladdin.”

Liz: “I saw me as he saw me, and the amazing thing was, in his eyes, I was beautiful”  I’m pretty cool lemme tell ya
Liz “It’s just so ironic that when something like this finally happened to me, it was with an alien”
Also any sentence with Czechoslovakians in it.

SHELLIE: Any time Maria and Liz refers to the aliens as Czechoslovakian.
*Leaving Normal – Grandma Claudia “Well one thing I can tell you, if it isn’t complicated, he probably isn’t your soul mate.”
*The Convention – Michael (as Maria goes to kiss him) “Mud.”
Maria “What?”
Michael “Mud. I’m thinking about mud.”
Maria “Why do I even try?”
*Blind Date – Liz “This can never be normal, Max.”
Max “What’s so great about normal?”

Roswell 'Blind Date' Max Evans played by Jason Behr

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Who Are Your Favorite or Least Favorite Characters?

ROSA: At first watch, my favorites were Michael, Maria, and Alex. And my least favorite was probably Max; he was a little too intense and controlling for my liking. With that said, I actually quite liked all the characters (or in some cases loved to hate, but nevertheless I thought they all worked). And I felt the same this time around. Also, I feel like “Maria’s hair” deserve to be mentioned in its own right. That helmet-cut in the first couple of episodes? The Best Thing Ever. I tried to cut my hair like that once. Did not pull it off that well, and it still makes me sad.

Perfect Helmet Hair

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STEENA: Alex, Maria, and Kyle were my favorites first run through and I hated Tess with the fiery passion of a thousand suns – to the point that, to this day, I struggle to enjoy Emilie de Ravin any other role. This time, Kyle and Maria remain favorites and I minded Tess a little less. Remarkably, I got a huge kick out of Nasedo and Milton this time. Maybe it’s because I’m a grumpy adult now too.

HADAS: We can all agree we dislike Tess right? Now, Alex is my absolute favorite. I used to love Isabel too. I chose my Spanish name in class after her because she was my favorite at the time. You really forget that it’s Katherine Heigl the actress we know from Grey’s and other stuff.
I really like everyone except Max and Liz ironically, as when I was younger I was obsessed with their love. Now, Marichael, Mikia? Whichever, I ship them.

SHELLIE: Michael will forever and always be my most favorite alien. It was love at the first sight of that ridiculous hair. I really love everyone though. Tess isn’t counted in that I don’t count her in anything.
We had a great time watching season 1 of this sci-fi teen angst drama! Check back next month for our season 2 wrap up and, if you want to watch along, leave us a note in the forum thread.

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