Like many fans, I have some mixed feelings about River Song. I love that she is smart, strong, and adventurous, but I’m not the biggest fan of the nature of her relationship with The Doctor. That being said, she is still a fantastic character, and one that I would be just fine seeing more often. After all, flaws are what make characters believable. While we might not be seeing more of her on our screens in the future (I haven’t heard anything about her appearing in the upcoming season), we will he hearing more of her!

River Song will be appearing in the Big Finish audio drama Doctor Who: Doom Coalition 2, alongside the Eighth Doctor and his companions Liv and Helen. River will also be the focus of another audio series, The Diary Of River Song.

I am super excited to listen to this, because according to the wibbly-wobbly timeline, River has met The Doctor but The Doctor hasn’t met her yet!

In honor of more River song, let’s go through my three favorite River Song stories.

The Pandorica Opens/ The Big Bang:

Honestly, I love how River summons The Doctor in this episode. She impersonates Cleopatra, blackmails a master of the black market, and writes a message on the oldest cliff in the universe! It’s that sort of “don’t care” attitude that makes me love River even when it’s hard. Her confidence is contagious. These two episodes actually make up one of my favorite Doctor Who adventures, and so the fact that River is a part of it endears her to me.

The Time Of Angeles/ Of Flesh And Stone:

These are the very next episodes that River appears in after she says goodbye to The Doctor’s previous regeneration in The Library. I love how collected she is; when I was watching this for the first time I was so curious and immediately wanted to know all about this zany character. While I admit that future episodes tended to raise more questions about River than they answered, these episodes made me so happy that we would be seeing more of her, as well as scaring the pants off of me. The Weeping Angeles are truly terrifying.

Silence In The Library/Forest Of The Dead :

This is one of my favorite introductions to a character in New Who; River is amazing in these episodes! This story has everything good about Doctor Who: the scary, the heartbreak, and the hope. It’s by far my favorite River Song story, and one of my favorite stories overall (also a fantastic intro episode for Who newbies!).

As I was writing this I realized that my favorite River Song episodes are actually all two-parters! Huh.

What about you guys? Do you have mixed feelings about River too? Let me know below!