Hello my nerdy tea loving friends! I’ve got a special tea review for y’all. Three geeky teas from The Geeky Hostess’s new tea collection!


In case you’re not familiar with The Geeky Hostess, she’s the awesome lady that brought geeky sprinkles into the world and brightened our baking creations forever! Now she’s partnered with Friday Afternoon to do the same with geeky themed teas!

She sent me a set of three teas to taste and review, and I couldn’t be happier to do so because TEA!


Doctor’s Blend:
The Doctor’s Blend is a Doctor Who themed darjeeling black tea with lime peel, blue cornflowers, and TARDIS shaped sprinkles. The result is a wonderfully smooth black tea that pairs perfectly with breakfast and is guaranteed to wake you up in the morning.


Mechanic’s Blend: 
The Mechanic’s Blend is a Firefly inspired white tea with strawberries and rose hips, enhanced with gear shaped sprinkles. This is the most fragrant and delicious smelling tea of the trio, but it’s also a delicate tea with a light strawberry flavor.


Lion’s Blend: 
The Lion’s Blend is a fragrant Harry Potter themed blend of rooibos and Assam black tea with orange peel, marigold, bergamot oil, vanilla oil, and lightning bolt shaped sprinkles. This tea is like an orangey earl grey with a natural sweetness from the rooibos.


This pairing of The Geeky Hostess’s geeky sprinkles and Friday Afternoon’s amazing custom fandom blends is a perfect match. All three of these blends were delicious and the sprinkles were so wonderful they seemed like they were made just for this purpose.


I love these teas and I love this idea! The label design on the tins is beautiful, and the teas are tasty, colorful, and appropriately geeky. I’m excited to see even more teas in the future. Not only does she have this trio of teas available, but she has three new teas: a set of Pride and Prejudice teas that are enhanced with sparkling sugars. I haven’t gotten a chance to try these yet, but all three of them sound amazing!


All of these teas are available from The Geeky Hostess’s website in sets of three tins for $25 or by the individual tin for $10 each. And if you order before April 7th, The Geeky Hostess has done an awesome thing for the club. She’s given us a special 20% off code! Use code IGGPPC to get your discount! Check out all of The Geeky Hostess’s teas here!