With ALIE growing more powerful, tensions are building up in more ways than one. It’s time for another recap of The 100! Let’s look at Red Sky at Morning.


On The Ark 

With Clarke and Co. out searching for Luna it leaves Raven and Monty to wait by the computer to take out ALIE. Raven thinks she can get in without Luna taking the flame, thanks to Becca’s notebook, but Monty reminds her of their specific plan. As they wait the City of Light grows.

In the mean time, Harper drags Monty away to ask for help with the airlock, but guess what? The airlock is fine and Harper just wants to get it on. That came pretty much out of nowhere, but to Raven walking in on them during the aftermath she says, “Finally.” Was that Harper just bored and Monty being the only available person on the Ark? Or is something really going on there that we haven’t seen yet? I’m not sure how I feel about it, but if it was just a casual hookup to relieve tension then that’s fine too.

Raven interrupted them because she found a way to get into the computer and basically kill ALIE. Monty again tells her no but then falls asleep, giving Raven the opening she needs. For some reason ALIE thinks Monty is breaking in and brings his mom forward to talk to him, therefore waking him up.

Since Raven knows the code that can kill Hannah she gives him the choice to take her out for the second time, officially killing her mind. Poor Monty presses the button and she’s gone. Raven is about to put in the code to kill ALIE when ALIE takes herself out of the Ark’s computer. Monty flips, saying everything was for nothing.

On the Oil Rig 

Luna wants to get rid of Clarke and Co. as soon as possible. A boat is coming to take them home within the next few hours, but Clarke is persistent. As they sit and listen to a girl named Shay tell the story of a shark attack, they wait for Luna to come in. Jasper on the other hand, is getting very into Shay’s story and most importantly, Shay herself.

The CW

The CW

I guess that two day relationship with Maya has been forgotten, but this is Jasper so it’s not like this will turn out well.

Luna denies Clarke again which gets her thinking more dark. She tells Bellamy and Octavia she plans to force the flame into Luna without her permission. The Blake siblings don’t think it’s a good idea and they’d be acting more like ALIE, but eventually Bellamy agrees.

The grounders on the oil rig have forgotten their lives of fighting and war for peace, so no one wants to fight a war none of them are in.

The next day Clarke meets up with Luna as she teaches some young kids, looking much like Lexa teaching the nightbloods. Again, she asks Luna to take the flame and Luna asks Clarke what she was told about her. Clarke tells Luna what Titus said, that she was a coward and left, and in the end opens the flame and tries to force it into Luna’s neck. However living on an oil rig hasn’t softened Luna’s fighting skills because she kicks Clarke’s ass.

She tells Clarke the reason she left the Conclave wasn’t because she was a coward but because she knew she would win and after killing her brother, she didn’t want to kill again. And wouldn’t fate have it, Luna left right before she could fight Lexa. After that she’s ready to send Clarke back to the main land.

Some oil rig grounders return but of course, they’re chipped. They lock Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia away. Jasper is saying goodbye to Shay and Shay gets an arrow to the back before she can alert Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia. They take Jasper, Luna, and Luna’s friend/boyfriend Derrick in for some torturing.

Luna gets waterboarded (for real) and they punch Jasper, giving Derrick the hard choice to take the chip. After he enters the City of Light he instead tries to drown Luna. Shay is still alive and is able to let the trio out of their box but she doesn’t make it. RIP.

Again, they try to force Luna to take the chip when they bring a child in that Luna obviously has a fondness towards. Instead she fights back and ends up killing and crying over the dead body of Derrick and the others she took out. It’s a pretty emotional scene, not just because Luna lost a good friend, but how many years has it been since she last killed?

The CW

The CW

Because of this Clarke believes Luna will take the flame, but Luna doesn’t believe it’s going to help and knocks them out with a spiked drink, and they wake up where they started on the main land. They look out into the water and Bellamy asks, “Now what?”

In Polis 

John Murphy is uniting Grounders and…Pike, somehow, but I’m all for it. He remembers the backpack that contains ALIE and thinks if they destroy it, it could destroy ALIE. However some AI zombies come in to ask if anyone wants the chip and notices Pike all cut up. They search everyone in the cell and end up discovering Indra is loose, but Indra takes them out pretty quick.

Indra thinks they should go after Jaha but Pike wants to get out of the city and regroup, coming back later. In the end Murphy, Pike, and Indra go after the backpack while their cellmates escape. What an odd group of people to be working together…but tough times.

We then see those dead AI zombies in the City of Light…all dressed up. I guess ALIE doesn’t want anyone looking tattered in her city. She realizes they’re going after the backpack and uses Emori to stop them.

In a small scene Jaha tells Emori she can take away any deformities in the City of Light, you know her messed up hand, but Emori says she doesn’t have any. Hopefully Emori is slightly stronger than ALIE and can pull a Raven. Murphy too knows how to get the chip out…

They end up in the sacred room but some zombies are already there. Pike takes them out but Murphy wants to save Emori. They board up the door and get to the backpack, but Emori tells them just destroying the pack will set off a huge bomb and now they have to figure out how to destroy ALIE without destroying everyone.

Pike is able to figure it out and on a side note…doesn’t it feel weird being on the same side as Pike? There is something out there worse than this guy. It’s so hard to take in.

In one last try Emori pleads with Murphy, telling him if they destroy ALIE they destroy all the minds in the City of Light and she’d be gone forever. Pike mans up, but it does nothing. The migration has been complete and ALIE is seen back on the Ark. Okay what?

Murphy, Indra, and Pike escape before the door gets knocked down and it seems everything is lost. Luna wouldn’t take the chip, Raven’s chance to destroy ALIE is gone, and the one part of the backpack that could have done it, wouldn’t work.

At this point you have to wonder how in the world they can defeat ALIE. I have a theory maybe someone else can take the flame and it doesn’t have to be a nightblood. Perhaps a Skaikru member will take it? They’re blood is different. I’m not sure how else it will be possible to kill her.

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