You have to go through the dark to get to the light, right? It’s time for another installment of Recapping the 100: “Perverse Instantiation, Part One.”

*spoilers and some possible swearing*

This season has put the characters through the worst and just when you think things have to start looking up, they don’t. We have to assume this is the last episode where our characters lose, but with one episode left that’s not saying much.

King Roan Saves the Day 

After the letdown on Luna’s oil rig, Bellamy, Jasper, and Octavia want to regroup at Arkadia, but Clarke is hellbent on finding a Nightblood. After being turned down, Clarke goes for a walk in the woods and is almost taken out by one of ALIE’s zombies; then out of nowhere Roan comes in to save her. Bellamy takes him out and they bring him back to Arkadia with them.

Clarke has a plan to use Roan to get into Polis and put the flame into Ontari. At this point even Clarke is fine with putting it her, because they don’t really have much of a choice with Luna being out. Roan agrees to help and the group no sooner leaves (not before everyone hugs it out.) However, this time Jasper stays behind.

The CW

The CW

For a second things seem okay, but then ALIE shows up in Arkadia. Okay, HOW is ALIE there? Obviously someone is chipped and you think maybe Roan could have been, but nope; Roan saving the day is short-lived when it’s revealed Jasper was chipped on the oil rig and now ALIE knows their plan.

Murphy Saves the Day 

As the group is ready to infiltrate Polis, Roan says he’s taking the flame, and because Clarke will not let it out of her sight, says she’s going with him. Of course Bellamy is not having this and asks if she trusts Roan with her life. Of course she doesn’t, but she trusts Bellamy to be there watching.

(Say what you want about Bellamy this season, but those two have always had each other’s backs; they truly care about one another. It’s been this way for a long time and even when you think that trust could be broken, they still rely on one another. And I’m not just saying this because one day I want to see them together, but you can see it all the same.)

Clarke and Roan go in while Bellamy, Octavia, Miller, and Bryan wait in the tunnels, keeping an eye on them. Bryan and Miller talk about their future house and I hope one day they get it, but it seems to be working Octavia up.

Because at this point ALIE knows their plan, Jaha comes down to greet them. Roan wants to speak to Ontari but she’s not coming. Roan then puts a knife to Clarke’s throat and says they need her to open the flame, and proceeds to tell her to run. Within the chaos, Kane comes out of nowhere, says they don’t need him, and shoots Roan. RIP.

The CW

The CW

Clarke is taken in to be tortured by her mom, which was pretty hard to watch, but Abby knows what Clarke’s weakness is and it’s her friends. They send some zombies after Bellamy, and out of nowhere (again) Murphy, Pike, and Indra save the day. Everyone is pretty surprised to see Murphy. When Octavia sees Pike, she’s ready to put her sword in his head, but Indra holds her back. At this point Indra doesn’t know Pike killed Lincoln and seems pretty upset over the news. But even at this point Indra knows they have to work together to get out alive.

Raven (sort of) Saves the Day 

Back at Arkadia, Jasper tells Monty he seems to be over Maya and the Mt. Weather situation, which already seemed suspicious. However, when Jasper stabs Monty you get what’s really going on. Monty gets away and Raven locks them in the situation room while Jasper just stands outside, rambling.

Of course Jasper cut the wires that would allow them to talk to the rest of the group, so there’s no way of warning them. Instead Raven gets to work.

Monty does bring up that Harper is out there, but since Jasper is talking about how great the chip is he seems to forget about her. At one point he even goes through all the deaths of the 100 and how they died.

Finally Raven gets into the computer (thank god) but at this same time Harper happens to come by. Jasper knocks her out and now Raven and Monty are in a bind. Do we get into the computer or save Harper? And since Harper and Monty are a “thing” now, it just adds extra tension.

The CW

The CW

The Day is Far From Saved

With Clarke tied up, Bellamy is not leaving without her or the flame. They come up with a plan to send Bellamy and Murphy up an elevator while everyone else stays down to keep watch/send the elevator up. Even Octavia stays down, but I only assumed she wanted to kill Pike.

Octavia even broke down to Indra, calling Lincoln her home. Indra’s response is that this is her home and what could have been a nice moment between the two is broken up by Kane shooting. He gets Pike and Bryan, but is taken out not long after.

Because of this Bellamy and Murphy get stuck on a floor and have to take out some AI zombies. The elevator keeps rolling but with one still inside. Because this one is going to kill Murphy, Bellamy makes the hard decision to shoot him.

Throughout the episode Bellamy pounded into people’s heads they aren’t going to kill any zombies. They’re only under ALIE’s control and she’s the enemy but at some points it was imminent. There’s no other way to stop them, since they feel no pain. You can tell Bellamy is trying to redeem himself from the beginning of the season, but even I have to give him that one.

Because the group is kicking ALIE’s ass they resort to having Abby hang herself to get Clarke to break. Nothing seems to be breaking Clarke, even watching her mom die. With Bellamy and Murphy coming Ontari decides to give herself up. Jaha cracks her along the side of the head, knocking her out, almost dead.

The rest of the group is ready to climb the elevator while leaving a bomb in case any zombies come in. Kane just happens to wake up at this time and Indra leaves the group to save him. The bomb explodes and we have no idea if they survived or not (but probably.)

Finally, Bellamy comes in and shoots Jaha (probably not dead though) and saves Clarke, while Murphy saves Abby. They get to Ontari but now she’s braindead, so the flame is useless in her. Great.

Final Thoughts on “Perverse Instantiation, part one”:

Wow, this was an intense episode. Just when you think things could be looking up they don’t.

It was pretty sad to see Roan die, but now you have to wonder if everyone remaining is going to get out of this season unscathed. Because I watched the preview for next week it looks like Clarke is going into the City of Light, which makes me pretty nervous. How long can she last before ALIE fully takes over her mind?

So what did you guys think of Perverse Instantiation, part one of the season finale? Were you like me and actually starting to like Roan? And who could be the next Commander since Ontari is basically dead and Luna wants nothing to do with it?