And because Noah did not take Hiro’s advice of “don’t step on any butterflies” seriously, those butterflies are coming back to bite him in the butt.


A lot has happened since Noah returned to the present. Quentin has turned to Erica’s side, The Haitian is alive, but alas we lost another memory-taking Evo.

We’ll start with Carlos whose story is starting to go somewhere. He and Captain Dearing are getting into Sunstone Manor to rescue his nephew. The big, bad director was talked about constantly and what should have been a twist wasn’t much. Once Dearing said the guy “gets into your head” I immediately thought Matt Parkman and there he was. What happened in a year from not killing Noah to mind-controlling a large group of Evos and convincing some to kill themselves? He thinks about killing Carlos, but once he discovers Carlos knows Farah, decides he could be useful. It will be interesting to see what connection Matt has to Farah.

Speaking of Sunstone Manor, another returning Evo is there: Micha Sanders who is in fact, the leader of Hero Truther. Taylor has met with the other Hero Truthers, one being the Haitian, who had to test Taylor’s loyalty. Once they discovered she has truly turned on her mother, they tell her about Micha and need her help to get him out. We can only assume Carlos and Micha will end up meeting, along with Taylor, and then Carlos will have more of a connection to the rest of the group.

Tommy on the other hand has learned the truth about his life and seems to be taking it pretty well. His mother lets him know only for Noah to come out of the shadows and have a nice reunion. Quentin is also there who plans on killing Tommy, but when he gets the chance, Tommy gets a call from Emily and teleports to her.

Emily isn’t having a good day. Caspar goes to the ice cream shop and we assume he’s going to wipe her memory and gets pretty close, but Joanne comes in. Of course, Joanne. She threatens Emily and is the one to call Tommy. She holds Caspar and Emily hostage. Caspar tries to erase her memory, and I’m sitting here cheering him on to do so, but he never gets the chance, because Joanne ends up shooting him.

But wouldn’t luck have it, Luke and Malina just happen to be driving by when the gun shots start. Luke goes in to investigate while telling (and failing) Malina to stay in the car. He and Joanne have a moment and everything seems to be going downhill. Luke is going to use his sun-power to kill Joanne and Joanne has her gun pointed at Emily, but in the moment, Tommy is able to stop time and save everyone and get Emily out of there. Because of this Joanne runs away and the cops show up. Before this Tommy discovers Malina in the back of the room and the twins finally have some sort of┬áreunion.

Tommy ends up back at the hospital with Noah when Quentin points a gun at him. At this moment Noah realizes he screwed up and Tommy isn’t able to teleport out of there because Quentin’s sister shows up. Tommy realizes it’s a losing battle and goes with Quentin and meets Erica.

Back at the ice cream parlor Noah shows up in time to see Caspar being taken away and finally meets Malina. They have a nice reunion, but it seems that Tommy is going to be brainwashed by Erica like every other character that has been on the show.

The episode ends with Miko. Miko? She’s in the desert, 7957 years in the future and comes across an area where a lot of stuff is piled up and you realize this is where Erica has been sending her stuff from the end of the world. But the real question here is what is Miko doing alive? Did she not die in the game? Did the game send her there? It will be interesting to find out the answer to that.

Overall it was a good episode with a lot going on. Questions have been answered only for more to come up. I’m a little mad at what they did with Matt’s character, even though I never liked him, but who would’ve thought he’d turn to the dark side? Tommy and Erica seem to be hitting it off in the previews for next week’s episode and a shot of them is exactly what the comic book of Tommy showed, so was this meant to happen all along?