Much like it’s predecessor, Heroes Reborn has reached it’s finale where all of our heroes come together and stop the end of the world. Well, some of them any way.


Last week’s episode left us with Tommy stuck in Evernow, Ren and Emily stuck in Primatech, and Malina stuck wondering what she has to do next.

To get this group out of the way: we know Farah took a bullet for Malina and is off to the hospital with Carlos, Micha, and Jose. Everyone seems to have abandoned the place so Carlos has to save her. Thanks to Micha turning back on the electricity, they are also able to save a lot of other people hurt along the highway and I guess that’s supposed to be their destiny? I was expecting them to do more. Maybe go back and help Malina but what else are we expecting with Carlos? Throughout the whole season I never understood what his purpose was and I’m still wondering. To break Micha out of Sunstone?

Back to our main characters. Erica sends the rest of the people with teleportation bracelets to the future since they captured Tommy in Evernow. Emily, Ren, and Tommy’s mom, Anne, are there as well.

Meanwhile Malina, Quentin, and Luke are in the past dealing with the first H.E.L.E. Luke believes his part in all this is to sacrifice himself. It was convenient he gained a sun power and can now absorb the solar flare that would destroy all of North America. Malina protests but is taken inside by Quentin and can only watch as Luke absorbs all of the sun’s power and eventually explodes. I think he saw this coming. After all those Evos he’s killed he realized he needs to pay for it and what did life have for him after all this was over?

Photo: NBC

Photo: NBC

Quentin finally puts an end to his sister who is still out to kill Malina. Poor Phoebe was so brainwashed that nothing can bring her back. Conveniently, she happens to be at the top of a building, next to the window. Quentin shoots and propels her back so far until she ends up falling out of the window, sending her to her death.

Tommy in Evernow is dealing with walking down the same hallway and coming across himself. His other self tells him he needs to remember and we take a walk down memory lane and discover a huge plot point that should have been hinted at a lot sooner. He also tells his other self it’s possible because time is a circle (Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey people) and not a straight line.

Photo: NBC

Photo: NBC

Remember that room Tommy sent Joanne and Luke to in the beginning? That room he was always scared of? Well we see a young Tommy there along with Malina, Angela, and the Haitian. Angela wants to see the symbiotic bond the two share. When they touch, a bright light erupts and they don’t have any control. I always wondered HOW they would stop the solar flares. I always assumed Tommy would stop time and Malina would use her weather powers to push it back or something.

Any way, in the outside world, Ren and Emily find the real Miko and Otomo hooked up. Of course Miko doesn’t know Ren but we can assume something can happen between them. This is when Otomo sends Ren inside the game and, along with game-Miko, rescues Tommy. It was nice to see them have a final battle together.

Tommy and Ren reappear outside to an angry Erica holding Emily and Anne hostage. She holds a gun up to his head and I have to roll my eyes because why would you think threatening a time-traveler would be smart? She tells us if he goes back and saves the world they would cease to exist in the future, but not even he can be at two places at once unless…ah yes he can! Tommy splits himself in two. Tommy-1 goes back in time and Tommy-2 saves everyone in the future, but leaves Erica before going back to his other self.

Photo: NBC

Photo: NBC

Tommy-1 goes back and sees Malina trying to fight off the final H.E.L.E. They join hands but it doesn’t seem to be working. Tommy freezes time and goes back to when he and Malina joined for the first time. They had no control and Angela orders a scientist to break them apart, but ends up getting killed because he seemed to absorb all the power. They needed a conduit, someone willing to sacrifice themselves.

Okay, so you erased their memories and said nothing about there being a third person in your vision. I’m sure she said something during the series that we didn’t understand at the time, but now we do, but did anyone other than her and the Haitian know about this? How would they have any idea to use a third person? Perhaps Farah knew and she wasn’t able to tell Malina. Noah never knew because Tommy goes back to save him from that storm on the road and takes him back in time to show him the sacrifice he has to make.

Photo: NBC

Photo: NBC

Noah obliges and the three stand together, holding hands, and destroy the last solar flare. At first you think Noah survived it but he stays alive long enough to tell them how proud he is, then he dies.

I wasn’t really happy with Noah’s death. I get he would do anything for his family but this is a main character, not just from this series, but the original Heroes. We haven’t seen him since his near-death experience, and is only brought back to die. It just didn’t seem fitting, but someone had to do it.

Three months later shows up and we see Quentin in jail. Apparently no one knows of the people who saved the world and are questioning him. During this we cut to different scenes of what everyone is doing at this time.

Miko and Ren are learning to fight from Otomo, Carlos is back to crime fighting with Farah and is looking over Jose, Tommy got a job at that ice cream shop with Emily, and Malina is starting school for the first time. There was a scene with Tommy making Emily origami birds and it was a nice call-back to Hiro making the same birds for his first-love, Charlie.

However, we’re obviously setting up for season two because a strange man is leaving Tommy and Malina calling cards. Angela picks Malina up and she shows her the card. Finally we find out the cards were left by their¬†father, who I am very curious to see.

And that’s that. It was nice to see everyone have a role in the final episode, even though Carlos’s was put to the side and Noah had a quick scene that only led to his death. Overall, Heroes Reborn wasn’t perfect but it did create some characters we cared about and it was nice to see original characters, however it did lead to more questions: was it ever confirmed if Hiro survived his fight with Harris? Is Matt still stuck in that river? What about Micha and the Haitian? Are they creating another secret Evo group? Is Taylor doing fine after losing her boyfriend and mom?

Whether a new season gets renewed (which is doubtful) or we wait a few more years for a new series to hopefully come out,  Heroes is a series with a lot of potential that never seems to get the season it deserves.