“How do we find our true purpose? Is it something we’re born with, written into our genetic code? Or is it something you must learn overtime?” –Mohinder Suresh asking the real questions right at the beginning of the episode to get us thinking about what our lives mean.


Let’s forget “save the cheerleader, save the world,” and remember, “Forget the past, save the future.”  Some of Molly Walker’s last words. She knows what happened on June 13, and despite Noah’s constant asking, won’t tell him. It doesn’t matter, because the future is more important. I guess the question we’ve been hearing all this time should be forgotten: what happened on June 13?

Renautas seems to be behind the bombing, but there’s more to the story we just don’t know yet. Their big plan has been revealed to kill off most of the world’s population to save them from creating more Evos. Those same people she’s been using as sidekicks.

Noah, Quentin, and Taylor (Renautas leader, Erica’s daughter) discover a room where they seem to be draining out the Evo’s powers. Dozens are there, including Taylor’s boyfriend, and she realizes how screwed up her mother is. This is where they find Molly whose powers are still being used to find Evos. Molly tells Noah she’s been strong, keeping them from finding someone (who that is we were never told), and sadly kills herself to stop them from finding more.

It seems that every character from Heroes returning on Reborn are dying and now I’m a little less excited about them coming back.

But what about our heroes who are destined to save the world? Well Tommy survived the car crash that ended last week’s episode and his mom barely did. He’s off to find (steal) blood since his blood is not a match with hers.

Carlos created a new Batman suit that throws stronger punches and is practically invincible. I’m still curious as to why we’re focusing on someone who doesn’t have powers and when an Aurora Borealis showed up in the sky all over the world it was a bit odd. Maybe this is a warning to the eclipse that could create more Evos.



The priest with powers is killed and Carlos’s nephew, Jose, discovers his father was the masked hero.

Miko and Ren are off to America thanks to Ren’s millions of dollars from online gaming (oh, if only it was that easy to make money.) He calls upon all of his fans to meet them at Renautas to help the Katana Girl defeat the bad guys. Surprisingly people listen and are there ready to…fight? They still remind me a lot of Hiro and Ando.

Malina is leaving the Arctic and heading down to where her destiny lies. I’m a bit confused by her power. She controls the elements but I’m not sure which one is able to grow a tree. Butterflies are playing a big role because they seem to be showing up everywhere and hundreds are in the Arctic that Malina brings back to life. Her invisible trainer is still worried about people going after Malina though.

Then there’s Luke and Joanne. In a pretty heartbreaking scene, Joanne kills a man in his house and his dog actually comes downstairs and cries over his dead body. Luke begins to realize they’ve been killing people with families, with lives. Must be his new sun power.

HEROES REBORN -- "The Needs of Many" Episode 104 -- Pictured: Zachary Levi as Luke Collins -- (Photo by: John Medland/NBC)


He keeps the secret for a while (which I hate when characters do,) but does show her. She leaves him and now Luke can do some good in the world (hopefully.) Joanne really annoys me with this whole thing. She believes Evos are monsters, but they didn’t kill her son! I’m sure she’ll get the big reveal as to who really bombed them.

There were a few nods to Sylar (from Heroes.) First when Luke was dressed almost exactly like him in the baseball cap and sunglasses. And in Renautas when Noah suggested they were taking the Evos powers, like Sylar. Maybe a coincidence. If there’s a character returning that has to die, let’s be honest, we want it to be Sylar.

Tommy, Luke, Miko, Malina, and Carlos seem to be our five heroes that will come together to save the world, since these are the people we’re focusing on the most (aside from Noah.) You can start to see how they will all come together, but some are still following their own storylines (Luke and Carlos.) Tommy’s going to discover next episode why he’s so important: to save the world. And Miko and Malina actually have a plan with their lives.

The episode ends with Erica losing it over Molly killing herself. They can still find some Evos, but it’s not as strong. She asks her sidekick, Harris, to go off and find someone (I think Malina) and that he should take the shadow. The girl (who is Quentin’s sister) is sitting alone in a room while controlling darkness. She actually looks pretty cool.



I can’t see her willingly working with Renautas, but we’ll see what happens. It’s nice to finally get some answers as to what Renautas wants to do, but there are still many questions that need answering. What was with those lights stretching all over the world? Will Carlos gain a power? And, again: what happening on June 13?