Like X-Men has proven before, the world does not like people with powers. Can we find one person (who is not a series regular) that doesn’t turn in an Evo when caught?


Although many people have called the episodes lately “boring and going nowhere”, this one bounced around with characters and you had to keep attention to know what was going on. It reminded me a lot of the original Heroes, how they moved around a lot between storylines.

Noah is hell-bent on answers and with Taylor and Quentin, he gets Erica alone at her house. After finding a Seed Bank they believe is for repopulating the Earth and not knowing why Noah wiped his memory, it was time to go straight to the head of the snake.

Unfortunately, all we discovered was that Erica did not kill Claire (I still don’t believe she’s dead) or Hiro (who we all know is alive thanks to previews, and I’m also not sure when it was stated that Hiro was dead). But she did say Noah wiped his memory to protect someone.


Meanwhile Miko and Ren are at Renautas looking for her sword. Harris is also looking for Miko, but thanks to the Katana Girl cosplayers, he can’t find her. Harris does have her sword and drives off, but Ren uses his phone to track Harris back to Erica’s house. Everything comes full circle when Harris threatens Noah, and Quentin and Miko literally crash into the house, kick some butt, and take her sword back.

It was nice to see Noah have some interaction with one of the new characters.

Miko and Ren have a cute celebratory dance and she returns to Evernow.

But what about our other heroes?

Well Tommy has been taken in, is now a registered Evo, and discovered (no shocker here) that he is adopted. And he does not take it well. He heads back to the hospital to get answers, when the Penny Guy comes in to tell Tommy his destiny to save the world awaits him.

Is there another prophet or something that is predicting which of the characters are going to save the world? Both Tommy and Melina have been told of their destiny.

Oh yeah, Melina.

She’s still trekking down from the Arctic with her pal Farah. Farah is supposed to meet someone in Quebec when Harris and the Shadow show up. Melina uses some airbending at first to get rid of them, but in the end can’t compete with the shadow (who I would like to see more of).

I’m sorry that’s the first thing I thought of. Actually, Melina and Korra have very similar backstories, but when it comes down to using her powers in the face of danger, Melina can’t do it.

Melina and Tommy, the saviors of Earth, not able to cope with their “destiny.”

Luke is having a breakdown over his powers, Joanne leaving, and his son. He returns home only to burn it down. Whether it was to get back at Joanne or as a symbol of leaving his life behind, he’s not doing well at the moment.

HEROES REBORN -- "The Lion's Den" Episode 105 -- Pictured: Zachary Levi as Luke Collins -- (Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)

Carlos is searching for Jose and Father Mauricio and ends up going to the police where Captain Dearing says he knows nothing of their disappearance. At the same time, the department receives the Evo locating glasses Renautas developed, and discovers Dearing is an unregistered Evo. And because everyone, other than our main characters, are Evo-hating people, they want to turn him in.

Actually Tommy dealt with the same thing, twice. The agent that arrested him was pretty harsh about the whole thing and then he goes home to find he and his mom are being evicted because he’s an Evo. Seriously, what do these people have against them? If you never knew they were an Evo before, obviously they haven’t been using their powers for “evil.”

In the end Carlos saves Dearing so he can get some answers and he throws him in the back of his car.

Alright, where does this leave us? Melina is hiding on the back of a truck with an envelope that is supposed to contain all of the information Farah hid from her this whole time. And because she was so cryptic about it before her death, Farah never really told Melina how she will save the world only that it’s her destiny.

I’ll throw this out there that I believe Melina is related to someone, whether it be a main character now or from Heroes. Is she the person Noah wiped his memory to save or is that someone we have yet to meet? The same with Tommy (maybe they’re siblings).

Tommy is having a hard time dealing with the fact that his destiny is to save the world and Luke is off on his own.

But what about Erica? They were developing what reminded me of the portal from Stargate, when a scientist working for her lets us know the end of the world is near. Like, a week near. Sun radiation is about to hit the Earth and 96% of the population is going to be wiped out.

I’m all for characters developing over time, learning about their powers, and coming to the realization of their “destiny”, but this seems like a pretty short span of time for our main characters to overcome any problems they are having and save the world.

The previews do show Melina and Luke, and Noah and Miko finally meeting. But what about the character I’ve been raving about since starting these reviews? Yes, Hiro will be back!

Okay we’re not getting many answers, but I am starting to care for some characters more (Miko and Ren). In the end I have one question: how will all these heroes come together to save the world? Heroes had a whole season for them to understand their powers and eventually be at the same place at the same time. How is this going to happen? I’m anxious to find out.