Find a penny, pick it up, then all day long you’ll… completely forget your family and all the memories you had together only to become lost and confused about your place in the world.


Before I start the recap I want to say I’ve been a little critical of Heroes Reborn over the past few weeks, but I very much enjoyed this episode. Sure it had its moments when I was a little disappointed, but overall it’s been my favorite episode so far.

Last week left us with present Noah going after Erica with a gun while June 13 Noah ran after him. Noah actually ended up shooting Erica in the back, which ended up making a drastic change in the future.

The two Noah’s have a talk and present Noah uses Molly to find Hiro, but she can only find his power. They leave and June 13 Noah tells the Pennyman (his name is Casper) to wipe his memory (and present Noah tells his past self to use Casper instead of the Haitian so we can only assume he’s alive) of that entire day. But who comes in before he has the chance? Harris. He’s annoying fly, Harris, just won’t leave you alone! But to get information out of Noah they have to go to different measures: Matt Parkman, who is working for Erica (who wasn’t working for her in those days?) Despite what Noah told him about Erica planting the bombs, he doesn’t believe him.

This was a problem I had, a small one, but still. Matt can read minds and you’re telling me he’s never read Erica’s? Not once? Or Harris? There was nothing suspicious about Erica that gave Matt doubts? And he can MAKE Noah tell the truth so there’s no reason for him to not believe Noah.

Not that I hated Matt, but he was never my favorite character. He always backed out from helping out because he wanted that normal life. And he never had the guts to do what was necessary. He couldn’t even shoot Noah and he got away.

Luke and Joanne are grieving over their son, when an Evo from the Summit visits them to thank Luke for saving him. As soon as they open the door to him you know something’s going to go down. Joanne isn’t in the right state of mind and blames him for losing her son. A fight erupts and she ends up repeatedly stabbing him with a pair of scissors. At first she seemed shocked, but in the end, enjoyed it. It was pretty scary and should have been a major red flag for Luke. Her first kill and yet, I still felt nothing for her.

But then there’s Carlos. Oh yeah! Carlos is still in this story. A year ago from the present time Carlos and a team of soldiers had come back from war and he was named a hero. However, Carlos never did those heroic acts, Farah did. Yeah, Farah, the invisible guide for Malina. Oh so that’s how Carlos ties in with the rest of our characters…sort of.

Miko’s existence revealed itself, after her father learned of the mistake he made with Erica (far sooner than everyone else) he took Miko out of the game so she could make things right and save Hiro. In the end Harris found him and his fate is unknown, but at least Miko fulfilled her destiny, despite being lied to about, you know, being real.

Even Quentin came back. When Erica got shot he saved her so she would lead him to his sister. As we all know, Phoebe is under some sort of spell Erica has on all the people she knows, and wants to talk to him. Their talk doesn’t turn out well for our heroes in the end.

Tommy’s (Nathan, oh gosh I can’t stop calling him Tommy. I’m sorry if I do that a lot) life the past year has made no sense. He learned of a destiny with dire consequences if he’s not able to go through with it and has been on the run. He learned he’s adopted and has no idea who his birth mother is.

Turns out, none of this information is new to him. Last episode we saw Hiro and Angela go back in time with the twins to raise them. However, Nathan/Tommy is a Petrelli and if you know anything about the Petrelli’s, well nothing ever seems to turn out well for them. But like his uncle Peter (who Nathan is very much alike), Tommy has the ability to “absorb” or take powers.

He absorbed Claire’s healing power, which is the reason she never healed (from childbirth I assume.) And, poor Hiro, he took Hiro’s power. We were all wondering why Tommy had his power at the beginning of the show and this makes it all come together.

Because Hiro could never get back to June 13, he raised Tommy/Nathan with the nurse from the hospital, who we all know is his (adopted) mother. That had to be weird, helping give birth to her son after raising him for fifteen years.

Tommy grew up with Hiro as his step-father. Tommy learned Japanese! Hiro told him all about his mother, his family, and helped him control his power. I thought that was cool. Even after all those years, waiting for Noah to find him again, Hiro was still Hiro. To be honest I saw more of his personality now than the last episode.

Malina on the other hand, was raised by Angela (living it large at a very nice mansion in Switzerland.) While Tommy knew about Malina, she was never told about him (which is why in the future, when Malina finds his picture, she doesn’t know who it is.)

It was pretty cute seeing Tommy meet his family though.

So, what happened to Tommy if he remembers none of it? Harris drops by at Hiro’s house (of course, because he has to be freaking everywhere.) Hiro tells Tommy to take his mother and get away. In a pretty emotional scene, Hiro gives Tommy the first comic book that told Hiro’s hero story and if he ever needed to remember Hiro, to read it. At that moment I was pretty scared they would kill Hiro off, but we never saw his fight with the Harris’s.

Tommy, his mom, and the Pennyman get away, but Tommy refuses to go anywhere without finding Hiro first. He gets emotional and his mom tells the Pennyman to take away his memories of his entire life with Hiro and all that he knows about real family.

That actually makes sense about what’s going on in Tommy’s life. On a side note, I think it’s pretty cute Tommy had a comic book made about him like Hiro did. Like father, like son.

I’m still pretty curious to know who Tommy’s biological father is.

Where does this leave us? Well, Noah made it back to his present time and finds out Quentin is alive. He tells him all about the twins, but unfortunately, Quentin is also on the wrong side. Apparently that talk with his sister a year ago put his mind in perspective. What exactly is so great about Erica that made so many people follow/fall in love with her? And why did no one see this, “I’m going to let the world burn,” side of her?

Coincidentally, Angela knows Farah and is the reason Farah watches over Malina in the Arctic, however, Angela is not telling the whole story about her visions. There’s something she doesn’t want anyone to know, a consequence of what’s going to happen. At this point the only thing I could think of would be they have to die. But I’m really not sure.

It was great that all those talks with Tommy made sense. From his mom telling him his father was in danger to Tommy mentioning his father last episode. It confused everyone, but now we know.

The best part about the episode was Tommy and his relationship with Hiro. In those few seconds we saw them together, you could tell they loved each other, and I hope, I pray Tommy gets his memories back somehow.