Despite Hiro’s warning to Noah that he shouldn’t step on any butterflies, Noah just keeps on crushing them.


The episode started much like we already know: a Summit for Evos to get together and show the world they’re not really dangerous. Noah and Hiro arrive in time for past Noah to arrive and both are looking for Claire, who we assume died in the bomb (even though we all know it’s crap.)

Cut to a different group of people who many Hero fans will recognize: Mohinder Suresh and Angela Petrelli. Apparently, everyone has worked for Erica. She funds Mohinder’s research and knows about Angela’s visions in which Angela saw the world ending but two children saving it. And Erica has found out some how. Angela tries to warn Mohinder he’s going to die, but of course, he doesn’t believe her. In the past, no one believes Erica could do such a horrible thing.

What amazes me is how no one saw that other side of her. Hell, Hiro was even her partner, and yet she came up with this plan behind everyone’s backs. It’s not just a simple plan to shoot a few people, she’s blowing up an entire Summit of people. Perhaps she’s better at plotting than we originally thought.

Anyway, when Angela mentions two children, immediately Tommy and Malina come to mind, since they are the only ones whose “destinies” have been mentioned. I guess the whole “destiny” thing isn’t just bull-crap, but is actually supposed to happen. Angela then gets a call from who she thinks is Claire, but now we know it was the hospital.

Back in Japan, past Hiro is being sent into Evernow, and is also yet another person not believing Erica could do such an evil thing.

Luke and Joanne have taken their son Dennis to the Summit (obviously we already know that) but this is because the sun gives him bad burns (an actual condition) and they hope maybe some Evo could take it away. Isn’t it ironic he can’t be in the sun and Luke ends up having sun powers?

Back to the main problem, past Noah is getting suspicious about Erica. She’s rearranging security, canceling plans, and he has a right to be suspicious because she is keeping the Shadow (Phoebe) prisoner. Or I assume she is. As we know, an Evo’s power can’t work with her around. She’s a lot like the Haitian, except it’s her darkness that does the job. It all makes sense that Erica would use her when bombing the Summit because I’m sure there’s at least one Evo that could save every one or help make some people disappear from the event.

Present Noah makes it to the hospital after Claire has died. But wait, the bomb hasn’t gone off? Oh yeah, Claire died in childbirth. I know there was speculation Claire was pregnant, but this is how she died? Seriously?

The reason is pretty simple: the Shadow’s power made Claire unable to heal herself. That big dark “cloud” covered all of the Summit not allowing any Evos to use their powers, including Hiro who was going to teleport him and Noah out of the hospital, but couldn’t. To be honest I didn’t even think of that until someone mentioned it. All I thought was that it was unbelievable she died in the first place, but this now makes sense.

Once the nurse tells Noah about the children, I immediately knew what the big twist was:

Tommy (AKA Nathan) and Malina are Claire’s children. Of course Tommy is named after Nathan Petrelli and Malina is named after Noah’s mother.  I can’t believe I didn’t see the Nathan thing before.

Meanwhile, Hiro is saving Mohinder from his demise and has to fight Harris and his clones. In what could have been my favorite part of the show, Hiro killing Harris, he instead goes into the future and looks at every scenario and each one turns out worse than the next, so he keeps him alive. Who would’ve thought keeping Harris alive would create so many butterflies.

Past Noah has been taken by Erica after becoming too suspicious. This is when the Pennyman comes in and is supposed to take Noah’s memories. Instead he saves him. Ah, so this is why he follows Tommy around.

Finally the time has come for the bomb to go off. A lot of people survive, but Luke can’t find Dennis (I’m going to assume he’s alive and he and Joanne hunting all those Evos were for nothing.)

Mohinder’s fate is unknown. He was with clone-Harris before his bombs went off, but we never saw him die. I’m going to say he’s alive.

Past Noah, Molly (yeah Molly’s there and she’s alive), and the Pennyman make their way back to the hospital to find Claire. Molly tries finding her, but isn’t able to. This is when I don’t get things. Molly is able to use her power after the bomb goes off so the Shadow’s powers aren’t able to reach them anymore.

So why can’t Claire heal herself?

We’ve seen Claire die during an eclipse that took away her powers and she was gone for a while. Once the eclipse went away, she healed and came back to life. It happened numerous times with the Haitian, so why didn’t she come back to life after that? I still don’t think Claire is “really” dead.

But what about her children? Noah realizes he wiped his memory to keep them away from Erica, and Erica thinks she’s looking for two babies. Angela volunteers to go back in the past (1999 to be exact) and raise them to be ready for when the end of the world happens. They chose 15 years because it’s when Claire’s powers began to manifest. Why not go back even further, allow them more time to come to terms with their powers, and be even more ready to fight the end of the world?

Let’s not try to question everything too hard.

Or let’s. Here’s something that will blow your mind: present Tommy/Nathan (or June 13 Tommy/Nathan) watched the destruction of the Summit live on his computer while he was being born during it. Then his mom, who was the nurse that helped give birth to Tommy/Nathan, came home afterwards. Time travel, man. Something that was a bit confusing was Tommy mentioned his father at one point. Did Noah change something in the past so badly that Tommy knows who his father is? Or did his mom lie to him about who his father was?

In the end, present Noah spots Erica walking through the hospital and tries to shoot her while past Noah follows him. Yeah Noah, that’s not going to screw up the future at all.

So, what did this episode teach us? Well no offense Carlos, but what is your point? Every hero is connected in a way, even to June 13, except him. I did not miss him at all.

Why didn’t Hiro just freeze time, allowing him and more Noah time in the past to figure things out? There are a lot of incidents that could be avoided if Hiro’s power was used correctly. Poor Hiro, one of the most charismatic characters from the original, doesn’t seem so here.

HEROES REBORN -- "June 13th - Part One" Episode 107 -- Pictured: (l-r) Masi Oka as Hiro Nakamura, Jack Coleman as HRG -- (Photo by: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)

Something must have happened in the past to separate the twins, unless it was Angela’s plan.

And who is Tommy and Malina’s father?